Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watch: Real Life WALL-E!

Awww....isn't he adorable?

Have you guys seen WALL-E yet? Yes, from the creator of Finding Nemo and Ratatouille, Pixar proudly brings you yet another emotional-stirring animated movie, WALL-E! This cute so called WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) robot is the only survivors left to clean up our dirty mother earth. Oppss...I forget WALL-E's faithful sidekick-the adorable cocroach. Here's a snippet of the real life WALL-E who made a special appearance in LA recently. Hmm...LA must be a very dirty place...

Looks like the LA folks picking on WALL-E huh!

Carry on: WALL-E's daily routine is pretty simple. Wake up--> Clean up Our Mess-->Sleep! After centuries of activation, WALL-E started to behave sentiently (able to perceive or feel thing) and at times he could even crack some jokes. I must say that I'm touched by WALL-E. He is very caring and that's why brother roach loves him!!!

Apart from his assigned mission, WALL-E does have his own hobbies: hunt for interesting thrash such as spoons; gathers spare parts for himself from other "dead" WALL-E; and most of all he enjoys watching Hello Dolly!'s "It Only Takes a Moment", which explains why WALL-E is so eager to hold EVE's hand. WALL-E is so in love with EVE! Come to think of it...he's like the human that we hardly could see anymore right now!

The movie started to gather pace when WALL-E found a seedling plant! Later on EVE "crashed" on earth and she met her one and only WALL-E! Okay! Okay! I'm bursting all the bubbles. So for you guys who still haven't catch the movie yet, go right now. It's Saturday (here in Malaysia) and I'm sure a lot of you is not working. Take you wife/husband out and let WALL-E show you how to only takes a moment...


P.S.: By the way, if you guys haven't watch the trailer and want to know will we need Wall-E? Click here to find out. It's my new blog that I'm experimenting with. Anyway, have a great weekends! =)


Apple said...

That's cute! I haven't watch WALL-E. I love to watch animation so I won't miss this out. I probably can't watch it in the cinema, as I don't have the time. Will download this animation for sure.


twosuperheroes said...

OMG!! So cute.... I feel like bringing WALL-E home... haha. :p

Tekkaus said...

Yes, he's really cute. Amazon is selling the toy too. Ha =)

apple-->I'm sure you'll enjoy it. =)

twosuperheroes-->you can buy it at amazon. Ha =)

I think wall-e is more adorable than CJ7!

cc said...

Still waiting. It's only starting showing here on 15 Sept.

Tekkaus said...

Ouh...I see. Well, then u must grab ur family and friends go watch! =)

foongpc said...

I've seen Wall-E. Really cute! It's a good movie with a good moral story behind it, but in terms of entertainment, I prefer Kungfu Panda : )
Wow, starting a second blog. Will go visit there now!

Tekkaus said...

Wow! You prefer Kung Fun Panda? I watched it too. It's more funny right? Haha =) But it the plot would be long than it'll be better! Anyway its kind an entertaining animation!

2nd blog? Wow this one is to earn money? Ha=p