Saturday, September 6, 2008

Move Aside Kiddo-bramovich!

All this while we thought that Abramovich is the Big Daddy in the English Premier League. Yes, he was. He was the big spending owner of Chelsea that seems to have endless streams of cash flow to buy every single player. He was. Now, he has to move aside. There's a new Big Daddy on the block which has pockets at least 40 times deeper than the little Abramovich's. Yupe! And all of the sudden, Manchester City is one of the clubs to beat during the commence of the new campaign!

Yes. You are not.

Manchester City's multimillionaire new owners have vowed to barge through England and Europe for glory! Within hours of the $388mil deal, Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim which heads the group linked to the Abu Dhabi royal family launched bids of more than $177mil to convert City into a superpower club in EPL. Al Fahim attempted to hijacked Berbatov, David Villa and Marios Gomez. Although he failed to have their signatures this time around, at least Robinho is now one of City's recruit!

Al Fahim: The Bulldozer!

Chelsea's failure to sign up Robinho not all infuriates Phil Scolari, but it also send out a clear message that Abramovich is no longer in control in EPL. Asset wise of course. With Abu Dhabi's assets worth more than $845bil in surplus, there's no way kiddo-bramovich's $22bil could stop City's splashing millions of dollars when the next transfer window is open. City's fans must be on cloud nine right now, thinking what had hit them. Every EPL club always hoped to the 1st to benefit from Middle East investment, and it seems that City have been the lucky ones.

Will there be silverware this season?

Can Manchester City really make it into the top 4? Who will be de-listed then? Is it Manchester United? Arsenal? Chelsea or Liverpool. It's still early and we have seen that money can't buy all the success right? With other dark horses fighting really hard this time around, expect this edition of EPL to nothing but unpredictable! =)


BobbyT said...

Wow, this really illustrates the chinese saying that there are always higher mountains than any high ones.

I really didn't expect the group to have 40 times deeper pockets than Abramovich!

Doesn't matter which teams are going to be the top 4 now, it will be known as top 5.

Tekkaus said...

Yupe..the gap between the teams had narrowed down. It seems that the race is wide open. Long time didn't see you already!Ha =)