Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Test: How Read-able Is Your Blog?

From this test: Lim Kit Siang's blog totally outgunned Mahathir's and Kenny Sia's blog! 3 of them are probably Malaysia's most famous and prominent bloggers to date. This test will measure the level of education required to understand a particular blog. You need to be a Genius to read Kit Siang's blog. Likewise our ex-PM's Che Det reading level is of College (undergraduate). And last but not least Malaysian favourite-Kenny Sia's blog reading level is only of elementary school! So this denote that Kenny's writing is not intelligent enough?

Honestly I doubt the test reliability. After checking this test on other blogs, I have to say that the outcome is somewhat unpredictable. I'm not sure what algorithm is used to calculate a blog readability. Perhaps it has something to do with page rank? Or maybe links in? Or maybe the level of vocabulary used? I don't know. After toiling around with this test, I discovered that there are 6 different type of readability levels.

Which does your blog belong?

Of course I have taken this test too. And the results somewhat left me giggling away. My primary blog, Tekkaus with 200++ posts needed postgraduate level to read it. Then I checked the readability of my another blog-Tech Buzzer! Guess what? Tech Buzzer with only 3 posts to display and aged merely a few days old is deemed as Genius! Wow! That means both my blogs are better than Mahathir and Kenny Sia? Now that's wacky.

blog readability testblog readability test
Tekkaus! Tech-Buzzer!

As I mentioned earlier, the criteria of this test is not known. Hence it cannot be used as a yardstick. Or in other words, this is one useless test? I don't know. So just have fun with it. And yes, you can display the rating of your blog with the badge. Flaunt it if you have it. Good morning!


Nessa said...

Mine's just 'Junior High School'. Should I be bothered? Nah! :D

Happy Wednesday to you.

foongpc said...

Mine's junior high school too! Haha! I don't think I'll take this seriously : )

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! It's plain er...stupid. Ha =) I think both of you guys blog needed genius level to read. No kidding.

Apple said...

Played this before. My blog is also elementary level! LOL

Tekkaus said...

Haha!'s not accurate lar. And it's by no means a yardstick to measure your blog quality right? =)

foongpc said...

Hey, actually I don't mind being junior high school level. Cos most people are not geniuses, so if need genius to read my blog, then I won't be getting much traffic. Whereas at junior high school level people are curious, seeking information and still learning. lol

Bengbeng said...

i cannot find the link. can u pls check for mylongkang? thanks :)

Tekkaus said...

foongpc-->Hey you are right ler. If the blog reading level too high then not many people can read. LOL! Ha =)

bengbeng-->Okay, I'll check for you and post it at ur comments there.

anyway thanks for dropping guy.

cc said...

I think the high readability doesn't necessarily means a good thing. Simple English is good. No body like to read through a thesis! LOL

Tekkaus said...

Yupe! Thesis sucks. And I still remember that I need to really squeeze my brain to churn out the phrase and sentence for my thesis. Ha =)

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