Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holy Trinity: Dark Knight+Dragon Emperor+Zohan

Well! Well! It's been awhile since I last introduce any movies for your viewing pleasure right? So here's a package that will make you ponder, reminisce and laugh. Not 1, not 2, but 3 movies-Holy Trinity for the month of August. IMHO, all three of the movie is worth your time. If you still haven't catch any of these, be sure to hit the cinema ASAP! As for Malaysian, tomorrow is the best time to watch it since all tickets will be sold at half price. Perhaps you can watch all 3 in one go-a movie marathon?

This Jokes is not joking!

1~Dark Knight I must say that this installment of Dark Knight is the best from its franchise. In fact, I reckon that it's the best ever superhero movie ever grace the screen. Wait a minute, he does not even have any superpowers. Who cares? Dark Knight is one mind-bending movie that will grip you throughout the movie. No disrespect but most of the credits goes to the late Heath Ledger. His depiction and portrayal of joker is nothing short of breathtaking. His acting his flawless. Okay, I'm not going to let to many cats of the bag. Catch it for yourselves and you'll see why this movie could easily be movie of the year.

Dark Knight's Rating: 5/5

A new Mummy Is In Town

2~The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor Although this movie seems to fall short compared to Dark Knight, but this latest mummy is not a pushover either. Once ignited, this movie will bring you on a roller coaster ride across China. This time around Brendan Fraser has to battle it out with the cruel emperor that once violently rules China who was cursed by a witch. Although the writing in this film since to miss the boat a few times, it still comes out ahead as a fun flick with lots of action and CGI! Old timers Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li surely made their presense felt. Okay, that's enough from me. The rest is up to you.

The Mummy Tomb of The Dragon Emperor's Rating: 3/5

Wow! So huge?

3~You Don't Mess With The Zohan Well, here's one movie that both the Palestinians and Israelis would sit down together and watch. Maybe. It's about...Zohan (of course) who is Israel hero who fakes his own death to become a hairstylist in New York. Expect lots of mindless comedy and unexpectedly sophisticated jokes. Perhaps after watching this movie, the Palestinians and Israelis will bury the hatchet? Who knows? Don't miss this comedy co-written by Adam Sandler himself. And yes, I would rate it as 13PG or even 18SX. At times some of the scenes might not be suitable for certain quarters! So beware okay, don't say I didn't warn you. As for you young kids out therem don't try to mess around okay! Ha =)

You Don't Mess With The Zohan's Rating: 3/5

Well, it's Tuesday or perhaps Monday in certain countries. Did you catch the Monday Blues? So here's your remedy. After work, grab your spouse/family/partner/friends and hit the Cinema. Enjoy!


foongpc said...

Hey, I think I agree with your ratings. The Dark Knight definitely deserve 5 out of 5!

Btw, how you manage to come up with so many posts in one day? I won't be able to do that! Takes too much of my time : )

Tekkaus said...

Yes! Dark knight rock! Although it's a little saddist but I have to say that the plot is simply sublime. I would love to watch it again. My wife won't agree. Ha =)

Well...practise makes perfect. Ha =) Nolar, just kidding. it's just that I have many things to share. Actually I wanted to write 3 separate reviews for 3 of the movies you know. But...well...I don't have time. I guess I have to cramm all 3 in 1 post then.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

I watched the Zohans...totally hilarious! But I kinda see a resemblance to Chow Sing Chee's canto comedies don't you think so?

cc said...

They are all on my list. Just need to find the time to watch them all. :D

Tekkaus said...

Mu bug life-->You are welcome. It's my pleasure. Yes the Zohan isreally funny. But I prefer Chow Sing Chee more. ha =) In fact I have lots of his movies.

cc-->well, don't worry you sure can squeeze some time to watch right? If not, you can buy the DVD. Or download it. Ha =)

molly said...

Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog.
You have an interesting blog, will definitely return again.

Tekkaus said...

You are welcome. And thanks for visiting this blog too. =)