Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jesse McCartney: Gerakan Is Leavin' BN

Jesse McCartney knew this too. Yes, Gerakan had cut ties with BN! It seems that Malaysian Political arena is pretty screwed up I guess. No thanks to Anwar, Ahmad, Mahathir etc. That aside, for this edition of Juke-Blog, I thing it would only be fitting to recommend Man of the Moment-Jesse McCartney! With 3 albums under his belt, Jesse is so damm hot right now (at least with the ladies). Leavin' is currently the number 1# song in Rick Dees' Top 40!

Ladies' Man?

This 21-years-old lad is not only good looking (he looks like Nick Carter huh?), he is also one multi-talented raging geezer! Besides singing, he is also an actor plus songwriter. Did you guys know that he actually co-wroted Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love! Damm! He is good. Okay, enough mumbing from me. Besides, this post was meant for enjoying the music right? So, let's feast your ears and eyes. Warning: 13PG!


Hey baby girl
I've been watching you all day
Man that thing you got behind you is amazing
You make me want to take you out and let it rain
I know you got a man but this is what you should say

Why don't you tell him that I'm leavin' never looking back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
No more making you cry
No more them gray skies
Girl we flying on a g-5, g-5
And we're leavin' never looking back again
So call your shawty you tell him you found a new man
The one who's so so fly
The one to keep you high
Have you singing all night, like that

Now if I talk it girl, you know that I will walk it out
Man I'll put my money money where my mouth is
Cause you're the baddest little thing that I've ever seen
So I'm gonna ask you one time if you got a man


Don't stress, don't stress, don't stress
Just tell him to the left left left
Don't stress, don't stress, don't stress
Cause we gone & we gone & we gone
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you deserve nothing but the best
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you need to tell him...


Hopefully you guys enjoyed this MTV! Have a great day . I'm leavin' too!

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