Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is Ahmad One Of Mahathir's Cronies?

Looks very lightly. Perhaps he has been handsomely "treated" by the former PM to mess up with Abdullah's regime for fear that his bleak stories during his tenure will be further exposed. Perhaps. In all respect, I'm very angry and disappointed with Ahmad's rather reckless comment that Chinese were just "squatters" in Malaysia. And it makes me wonder why he is breaking this all out just before the fashionably dubbed 916? Is he connected to Anwar indirectly?

Ahmad claimed that he was misquoted but 2 reporters have strongly vouched that Ahmad did said that "orang cina cuma tumpang di sini sahaja" (the chinese we merely squatters). Ahmad then tried to retaliate by saying that the media had sensationalized this issue. Perhaps ,but he is still guilty for making this racist remarks! He even had the guts to demand for apology and stated that he was victimised. Bullshit! He said he was being made the scapegoat. The truth is, he is the black sheep. Next he even mortified Koh Tsu Koon and demanded that Gerakan should be thrown out of BN! A little dramatic I would say. Come on Pak Lah? Stop being a "soft" guy. It is time to get rid of this nagging tumour before it turns into cancer!

Should read this!

And the timing couldn't be much better. As expected, when all this issues seems to be involving Abdullah's credibility and leadership, Mahathir gleefully backed the xenophobic Ahmad! The former PM questioned why Malay Leaders were apologising over a remark by an UMNO leader? This mindless statement by our former leader straightly endorsed Ahmad's wrongdoing(s) and fanned the racial sentiment! Both erratic Mahathir and Ahmad's feather-brained comments and remarks are proof that they are actually Malaysia's enemy from within!

They are the thorns in the flesh for Malaysia. Instead of protecting Malaysian unity, they exorcist the demons and try to unsettle us. Did both of them fight for Malaysia when we were invaded by the Japanese? I wonder where is Mahathir hiding back then? Perhaps Ahmad is still sucking his pacifier? 300,000 Chinese died defending Malaya during the Japanese Occupation in the 1940s. These unsung heroes had joined the Anti-japanese Army to fight the invasion when the British left us hopeless. It's not a fact that Chinese are Squatters! We are Malaysian! This is our homeland!!!

So Pak Lah...it's a testing time for you. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be a good guy. I would straightly throw both Ahmad and Mahathir behind bars or even detain them under ISA! These ignorant jerks are nothing but vier to us. They don't deserve to be a Malaysian. And they certainly do not deserve to undermine our hard-fought independence and unity!

P.S.1: The Idiotic Ahmad even told Chinese not to be American Jews. Read more at here.

P.S.2: If you want to know more about Mahathir's darker side, do search and inquire about his purported banned book!

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