Monday, September 15, 2008

ISA Should Not Be Abolished!

I know tonnes of you will not agree with me BUT Reja Petra Kamaruddin certainly deserved to be detained under ISA (Internet Security Act). And the purported racial bigot-Ahmad Ismail from UMNO should be in Kamunting too for making mindless statements. Likewise, the arrests of Teresa Kok and Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng should not had happened. A lot of people especially those of oppositions have been championing the repeal of ISA. But now even those within the ruling government (MCA and MIC) seems to be joining the bandwagon in objecting the "abuse" of ISA. So should ISA be abrogated?

I believe she could have been victimised too!

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), ISA should not be abolished for the sake of Malaysia as a whole. Yes, ISA which was enacted in the 1960s allows the authorities to conduct arbitrarily arrests, detain incommunicado and interrogate activists, without granting them access to legal counsel or family visits for up to 60 days, and without conducting a trial for a period of 2 years with the option to renew it. Yes, it could be seen as a political bully or sort. But it is nonetheless vital as a weapon to put off any unnecessary "fire".

How come he is still free?

And even if PKR do topple BN to rule Malaysia tomorrow (16th Sept), they should still keep ISA as a "stabiliser" for our nation unity and security. A buffer to ensure Malaysia is not overheated. No doubt that ISA will always benefits the ruling government, it's still the NO. 1# solution when things really get nasty and out of control. Just think of ISA as the equivalent of "quarantine". Sometimes it's necessary to prevent a "lethal disease outbreak" before it turned into a noxious epidemic! It's not worth it to take unplanned risks. In other words, ISA is like a parent who have to ground his/her children for the sake of the whole family (a bad comparison, I know).

Zaid should not defend RPK!

Being one of the most controversial Acts enacted under Article 149 of the Malaysian Constitution, ISA indeed contravened with 2 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
~Article 9: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention and exile.
~Article 10: Everyone in entitled in full equality to fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

Tan Hoon Cheng is free. Thank goodness!

So does this means that ISA is redundant and should really be do away? I don't agree and I still strongly believe that ISA, though a double-edge sword, it stills play a significant role in maintaining Malaysia's peace in terms of the larger picture. I must admit, ISA could be or might have been tempered by the unscrupulous authority. But it is still one very crucial "overriding control system" that our multi-racial Malaysia needed. Mind you, even the busy-nosy American who have been advocating freedom have their own "ISA".

Nobody likes it...

So is Raja Petra Kamaruddin guilty for voicing his view? No. But IMHO he might be blameworthy for inciting instability in our nation's security albeit indirectly. Freedom of speech is entitled to everyone, BUT when someone is using his words irresponsibly then he is liable for the words he uttered or wrote. RPK-undeniably one of the most prominent figure, had almost single-handily changed Malaysian Political landscape. Knowing that he has such an authority with his words, RPK used his strong legions of supporters to ride on his "wave" and caused social and political precariousness in Malaysia. He could be seen as the earthquake that gave rise to the 8th of March political tsunami!

Every speech has its price, and RPK has to paid for his dearly. Knowing that he would be detained under ISA, RPK still insist to deliberately voice his mind out. But does this mean he is right? What if he is the person who has been fabricating all the lies? What if all of us have been "buying" into his well-planned stagecraft? The truth is out there, but no one will completely know who's version is the real one(s). And just because you doesn't like a person does not make him wrong right? The bottom line is, freedom of speech has its limits. And ISA is important to ensure NO ONE is abusing the freedom of speech to benefits himself.

All in all, ISA should not be repealed. Of course the ruling government must not abuse it for political purposes either. ISA is a weapon. Whether it's used beneficial or adversely, it depends on the ruling government. And please don't let Operasi Lalang come alive again. Use it only when National security is under threat.

When you don't get everything you want,
that does not entitle you to COMPLAIN!

P.S.: I have always disagreed on how US try to boss around in Malaysian affair. They themselves have perfected the path to totalitarianism backed by dozens of other security acts which stifle total freedom. So I don't think that the current US government deserved to talk so loudly of freedom.

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