Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will Project 916 Eventuate?

Does Anwar really has the number to capsize BN's boat and take over the current Federal Government today (16th Sept)? Or will Abdullah be able to cling on to this mantle and have a breather? I personally would not endorse this brute takeover by Anwar. It is unethical and immoral to hijack BN's MPs. Of course, those 30 MPs that would "hop" to PKR are dishonourable and fraudulent too. Is these the people that you want to administering our country? Are they really that impatient and ambitious?

If Anwar's ignoble plan eventuate,
then there is no democracy anymore...

But why can't Anwar wait for the next general election? Isn't this disreputable because not all Malaysian really supported them, not the majority at least. So IMHO, this "expropriate" is just a sign that Anwar cannot wait any longer because his time is ticking! But as we know, any effort to forcibly remove a sitting prime minister can only be done in Parliament through a no-confidence motion. Didn't Anwar know that? Of course he knew that, but he just does not have enough votes to back it up either directly or contingently.

Your say?

Why can't the oppositions really get down to work and contribute to the people who in the first place have given them the mandate? Why are they so immersed in planning to take over the current government? Another sign of selfishness? Or the oppositions doubt that by the next general election, they could not repeat the historical tsunami again? Instead of fighting for the people's welfare and well-being, they are busy trying to "buy" other MPs and plan on a massive defection. And they plan to do it by hook or by crooks!!Is this what the people really want? Do the people really want this change when they in the first place have neglected the people for their very own interest?

And if the 30 MPs really would steep low and disgraced themselves by crossing over to join PKR, then I think PKR is not any better than the BN! Why can't these MPs quit BN and contest for the next general election unde the opposition's tickets? It goes to shows how undemocratic these "froggy" MPs are. These are the people that have been championing democracy and yet what they are doing is blatant and utterly undemocratic! Why do they choose a more unethical way to topple the current government? You have the answers.

In Malaysia, we have a population of approximately 25 millions. So at least 12.75 millions Malaysian is required to determine the people who will be administering our country. Of course, I do not take into account the registered voters, but I understand all of you are smart enough to get what I mean. So if these 30 unscrupulous MPs do crossover and fulfil Anwar's deceitful plan, then there's no democracy at all in Malaysia. Because it needed only 30 MPs or 0.0001% of Malaysian population to determine our country future. Very, very DEMOCRATIC of the oppositions heh?

No matter what happens today, I still hope and pray any that unwanted things or events will not occurred (violence etc.). Hopefully those who will be representing us to govern our country will not forget their very primary duties. Last but not least, will Project 916 eventuate? I'm not sure...no one will...not even Abdullah or Anwar...