Monday, August 18, 2008

Your Fingers: Your Remote Control

One remote for the TV…another for the DVD…and another one for Astro-Each one have their very own control. Now we even have the all-in-one remote control for everything. BUT very soon (I’m not sure when) you won’t be needing any of those remotes.

Not there yet!

Scientists at Wollongong University have devised a wave-controlled box that can recognize seven simple hand gestures. So in other words we could switch on TV, alter the volume, skip channels, or press play and pause in a DVD unit, just by waving their hands. Everything at your finger tips heh?

But even before we get near our wall-mounted Plasma TV, we’ll be using our fingerprints to open the front door. As we all know fingerprint readers have been incorporated into door locks, laptop computers, flash drives and even cars. Of course these technologies have been used in military and movies (Iron Man, Minority Report etc.). Finger licking good?

So if you guys fancy doing all those nifty stuff using your fingers. Make sure you protect them with your life. I highly recommend you to insured your fingers!!! Or else you wouldn’t be able to watch your tube anymore.

In the future, even your babies can do it too!

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