Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A View From The Zoo: Never Give Up!

Bringing a new life into this world is a tall order. The same applies for the tall Giraffe. A baby giraffe falls ten feet (3 metres) from its mother's womb and usually lands on his back (ouch!). In a matter of seconds this poor baby rolls over and tucks it legs under its body. From this position, it shakes off the final vestiges of birthing fluids from its eyes and ears. Then the mother will introduces its newborn to the reality of life!!!

Mommy giraffe: No matter what I do,
I do it for you!

The mother giraffe lowers her long head long enough to take a quick look at her baby. After positioning herself on top of her new born baby, she did the most unthinkable thing: she kicks her baby, sending it sprawling on the floor (what?)! But it does not stop here.

When the poor baby does not get up, its beloved mother will kick him repeatedly. Its struggle to rise on its legs its momentous. As the calf grows tired, mommy dearest kicks it again and again to stimulate its efforts. Finally, the baby calf manage to stands back on its shaky legs. And later on guess what? Yes, she kicks it off its feet again! Why? Because she wants it to remember how it got up.

In the wild, baby giraffes must be able to get up quickly and stay close with its herd, where there is safety. Lions, hyenas and leopards all enjoy young, isolated giraffes. So it's vital for the calf to get up quickly or it's finish. In other words, what the mother giraffe did was all for her new born sakes. She did it because she loves him.

There's a common thread that run through we human beings. Often times our parents will in their own ways, knocked us down and make us get up again. They want to prepare us for the harsh reality. They'll want us to never give up!!! So guys, whenever you think about quitting, think about the baby giraffe.

Here's how the baby giraffe came to our world!