Saturday, August 23, 2008

Malaysian Goodies: Avril Up & Fuel Price Down

Good morning Malaysia! There are two good news for Malaysian yesterday late evening. First is the ban on Avril had been lifted. After a meeting between senior officials from the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry, the Canadian rock star will be performing in Malaysia after all.

You have to!

Avril's concert organizer Galaxy received this U-turn decision and obtained the permit yesterday evening to stage the concert at Stadium Merdeka on 29th August. I could imagine Avril's legion of fans dancing away right now. Avril too, will be happy to know that she can earn extra bucks here. Likewise, I'm not sure the Federal Territory PAS Youth will be happy. Who cares!

Moving on, here's a good news for all Malaysian. This good news should have come 10 days later but the government decided to ease the people's burden, so FUEL PRICE REDUCTION for all. Yay! The prices of diesel and petrol have been reduced by between 8 and 22 sen a litre from today, 10 days earlier than expected.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said RON97 petrol now costs RM2.55 a litre, a drop of 15 sen from RM2.70 a litre while the price of RON92 went down by 22 sen to RM2.40 a litre. Diesel will cost eight sen less at RM2.50 a litre. This is surely a timely boost for Malaysian trying to cope with the increasing inflation. A real breather for lower and middle-income groups. Thank you.

I'm sure he can't unless he's willing compromise our children's future.

But I'm sure the opposition de facto-Anwar will disregard this fuel reduction as IFINGER - The New Oxford Thesaurus of English , © Oxford University Presssomewhat "minuscule", and is simply a political move ahead of the Permatang Pauh's by-election. But Anwar himself claimed he could also reduce the fuel price once he is the PM right? He is also using the promise of fuel price decrease to fish for votes right? Let's see how many will be fished? From the polls I've conducted many seems to be in the bag for Anwar. Ha =)

Which is yours?

Anyway, a lot will still welcome this fuel price reduction. A little is better than none right? Of course we hope there'll be more further reduction right? Well, for the time being let's view this situation as half glass full shall we.

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