Friday, August 22, 2008

Paparazzi-ed Your iphone

Brando from Hong Kong has something very special to offer iPhone owners. There are currently 2 interesting add-on for both the normal iPhone and the one with 3G. A 6X telescope to turn your normal iPhone into an instant full-fledge paparazzi! Yes, not 3X, not 4X but a staggering 6X optical zoom capability. That's better than the Cyber-shot series huh!

This is sooooo cool!

To transform your iPhone into 6X-paparazzi is rather simple, just attach the crystalcase with the incorporated telescope to the phone. Voila, your iPhone is ready to snap anything which WAS not in its range before this. Plus, this telescope also comes with wide-angle shot mode and colour reduction technology. Not bad! Brando will also throw in a complementary neck strap so you can wear your iPhone like the traditional photographer.

This is what you'll get!

This nifty telescope from Brando is indeed powerful right. So we great power comes great responsibility. So never ever use this gadget to invade others' privacy. With a few great features to offer, this device is a real rock-bottom bargain. You can get your hands on this telescope for only US$19 (RM63), minus the shipping cost. Want to know more click here to find out.