Monday, August 18, 2008

Lin Dan: I Am Legend!

I thought it would be an epic battle. My wife and me had been talking about it for hours before it started. And we even thought we could not catch it live because we are not subscribing Astro's Sport Channels. To our delight, the was live telecast on TV1 (Thanks). At 8.45 p.m. we were simply glued to our tube. Hoping to catch part of the history-in-the-making.

Justify FullI am KING!

Too bad...Chong Wei was not meant to be Malaysian 1st Golden Olympian! Perhaps it was Lin Dan's destiny to clinch the Gold Medal, at least this time. Honestly, Chong Wei was so out of form today! As if he was not himself. Perhaps the throngs of Chinese supporters did their part. But Lin Dan was so superb and there's no way he's going to let this Medal slipped.

Lin Dan totally out-muscled, outplayed and outpaced Chong Wei! The buffy world No1# utterly dwarfed his skinny opponent! Yes, Chong Wei looks really...malnourish? In terms of technical ability, I would say Chong Wei has the slight edge. BUT when we are talking about raw power, Lin Dan certaintly has it all. From what I saw just now, Lin Dan's jumping smashes were too much for Chong Wei! All in all, Lin Dan deserved every bit of his domination. Likewise Chong Wei should not feel too bad, he still got his RM300K right?

So if Chong Wei really dream of biting the Gold Medal next time around, he'd better start pumping more iron and have more "beef cake" aka muscles.


Unknown said...


frankly, I agree with u :)

last night, Lin Dan looks like
too strong for Chong Wei.

yeah, Chong Wei should pumping
more iron too have more muscles! :-)

Tekkaus said...

Well, at least Chong Wei managed to grab the silver right? It's an historic feat too. So let's hope that Chong wei can improve more especially in terms of physical attributes. =)

Monk said...

He doesn't play with all he have.. It is kinda disappointing performance anyway. Lin Dan win the gold medal easily

Unknown said...

wow, it happened just like that...? u mean no fight from lcw?

Tekkaus said...

No fight at all Quachee! A tad disappointing. But maybe chong wei's too skinny for the big-built Lin Dan! Everytime Lin Dan smash, you'll see Chong Wei Crawling on the groud. But Chong Wei has really did Malaysian proud! =)

Unknown said...

oh that is quite dissapointing... cis, to know that our malaysia boleh spirit squashed before the great wall. sigh.