Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chong Wei: Malaysian 1st Olympic Gold Medalist?

Rashid Sidek is no longer a legend. Someone has taken over the mantle as Malaysian most successful badminton player. He is non other than LEE CHONG WEI! His feat surely has made Malaysian proud.

Misbun Sidek: I'm not your RM 1 MIllion!

With at least a silver to content after battling past gritty South Korean Lee Hyun-il in the semis, Chong Wei final hurdle to Malaysian sporting immortality is his No. 1# Nemesis-Lin Dan. This clash of the Titans will surely garner the whole Chinese and Malaysian's attention!!! So who will prevail?

With the immense pressure off his shoulder (Silver in the bag), Chong Wei has a chance to become Malaysia's 1st maiden Golden Olympian! Of course, The Great Wall of China (supporters) will be on Lin Dan's side, but Chong Wei has as much chance as Lin Dan to claim the biggest prize. With a staggering RM 1 Million up for grab, I'm very sure he will be firing all cylinders and fight with his life!!!

Who will be the Victor?

Will Lin Dan be his stumbling bloc yet again? Or the tide will change for Chong Wei? I don't know. But do remember to catch it live on TV (Sunday). Hopefully Chong Wei can topple Lin Dan and say, "I am Legend!"


foongpc said...

I hope Chong Wei will go all out and win the gold medal. It'll be historic for Malaysia. All he need is to have strong mental and consistency - don't need a miracle to beat Lin Dan.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

Malaysia Boleh!

Tekkaus said...

To bad! He doesn't have the steel to weather Lin Dan's onslaught! =(

Unknown said...

i didnt watch the game, but the first thing i did when i was on my comp, was to check the results.

honestly, im quite dissapointed-lah. the silver, is not bad, but really, nothing so much for malaysians to shout about i guess.

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! I thought Chong Wei could create history. But too bad, he is just not good enough. Lin Dan was so dominating! Damm it!