Thursday, August 28, 2008

Information Invasion And 7 Maxims To Fight It!

Yes, that's the truth! The veracity! Homo sapience are being attacked. As natural-born suckers, human practically suck on anything that would let us escape from the monotonousness of work. The wireless age has certainly opened the floodgates of transient distractions and diversions. The bombardment of emails, phone calls, sms and new tempting information from websites or blogs provides a steady flow of intrusion we can tap-or that can tap into us...sometimes beneficially and other times MALICIOUSLY!

We have developed Pseudo-Attention Deficit disorder, that is our big bird brains are trained (or adapted) to constantly flutter around the universe of messages be it sms, website, blogs etc. seeking brief hits of excitement. We graze ceaselessly BUT never too deep before moving onto the next meal-the next distraction. Email and blog may be the worst offenders. Perhaps both have more sinister effects than just wasted time!!!

Don't be so naive!

The onslaught of information is too obvious and everyone seems to be oblivious to it. We now get more information in 24 hours than our grandparents likely received in a few months. Fact: most of us don't have the aptitude to deal with this. We funneled all sorts of things in but don't get rid of the old info we wanted to act on. And when our physical and emotional health is at stake, the blaze of raw and fervent info can be very, very misleading and life-threatening! That's the reason(s) why the cases of suicide, violence, terrorism, rapes etc is on the rise. In fact it's very unsettling to know that some of us are no longer in control of our minds and senses! We believe too easily. TOO BLATANTLY!

Here's 7 Maxims for your retaliation against Info Attack:

1~Self diagnosis Feel alone even when you are communicating with people the whole day? That's a very obvious sign that technology is dominating your life.

2~BABA (Be A Baby Again) Take baby steps and try being <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_6">IFINGER</span> - The New Oxford Thesaurus of English , © Oxford University Pressimpenetrable by short spurts to see what happens. Don't worry, this will not results in Armageddon!

3~Choose Alyways repeat this four words mantra: "I have a choice." Those suckers who always say that their boss(es) wants them to be reachable after dinner are just exaggerating the control others have over them. In other words, they masked their own failures with victimization.

4~Draw a line Set limits for yourself. Self control is very important. Rein in those emails, instant messages and blogs subscriptions traffic.

5~Build a mission statement AKA task list if you like. If you're interrupted, fret not. With the list you can get back to work faster and you know what needs to be done.

6~Sticky schedule
Yes. Make sure your schedule is sticky and that you'll stick to it. Handle recreational web-surfing and e-mail at set times. Sinking yourself in and out is classic self-interruption.

7~Reality check After five minutes of unplanned surfing, ask yourself, "Should I really being doing this?"

Hopefully this post will benefit those who are having Pseudo-Attention Deficit disorder, whether it's mild or malignant! Don't be mislead by what you read and hear. And never believe in something just because a lot of people did. Sometimes the opposite is true. =)