Friday, August 29, 2008

Breaking With Milo And Kit Kat

Who doesn't know about Milo and Kit Kat right? A lot of people love it including Godzilla! Milo has been around for...say since as long as I can remember, whilst Kit Kat has also been the ideal chocolate for my fangs to sink in since I'm a toddler. I love Kit Kat's catchy slogan :"Have a beak. Have a Kit Kat." So that's what I'm trying to do. Munch on a Kit Kat and have a short break from being too busy. Yes, I've been blogging a lot these few days. Hmm...perhaps I have developed Pseudo-Attention Deficit disorder too, due to information invasion?

Someone (please don't) help me!

I have been marathon-blogging for this whole month. Is kind of tiring. As if all my energy have been sucked out. I love blogging. I can't stop because I wanted to share with people lots of stuff! From sharing something weird to something downright funny; from the news of buzzing technology to the insane Malaysian politics other words I try to squeeze in everything into my diminutive blog. Trying to be Jack of all trades and master of a few.

I told you Godzilla loves Kit Kat too!

So this post was intended to let me have a short official break. BUT...before that I would like to share something with you guys. Did you guys know that Milo was 1st developed in Australia in year 1934? Guess what? We Malaysian accounted for 90% of worldwide Milo consumption! Wow, there's extra addictive in Milo? Likewise Kit Kat genesis began 1 year after Milo (1935) in England. The name Kit Kat is believed to have come from the Kit-Cat Club, an 18th century Whig literary club founded in the reign of James II and located at Christopher Catling ("Kit Cat")'s pie-house in Shire Lane, by Temple Bar. Now we complicated.

He stole Godzilla's Kit Kat!

Anyway...I'd better stop now before I immersed myself again in this addiction-blogging! For those who loves Milo and Kit Kat, hopefully you'll find these trivia interesting. But who cares so much right? Why care, as long as both Milo and Kit Kat are yummy for our tummy. So go make yourself a hot tempting Milo and grab a Kit Kat and say: "Have a break, have a kit kat!" Bye bye from the lame-old me. Enjoy your snacks and Merdeka to all Malaysians! :)


foongpc said...

What?! Malaysians accounted for 90% of worldwide Milo consumption? What's wrong with Malaysians? Or should I say what's wrong with the rest of the world? I like a cup of Milo too - especially ice cold Milo on a hot day! : )

Tekkaus said...

Yes...It seems there's nicotine or caffein in Milo heh? Why Malaysian is so hocked up with Milo?

foongpc said...

I've got a tag for you. Pls visit

Tekkaus said...

Thanks bor. Will get back to you asap!Having my break with milo right now. =)

cc said...

Ice cold milo + kit kat = explosion for taste buds!

Tekkaus said...

Explosion for taste buds? Why? Wow, then next time we shouldn't be drinking milo and kit kat lor! Joking. Thanks for dropping by CC! =)