Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get Sphere-Get Connected

Hey guys, I have just added Sphere to my blog. And I have to say that I'm really pleased with how well it works for me. The Sphere widget will appear strategically at the bottom of my post. Basically Sphere will connect your current articles to contextually relevant content from your archives as well as from blog posts, video, photos, and Ads from all over the internet.

Did you know that Sphere is currently integrated into over 50,000 leading sites and is live on over 2 Billion monthly article pages across the web. Wow, that's surely sounds massive right? The few big names that have fused Sphere into their networks are Time, Reuters,People.com etc. So in other words, you are in good company when you partner with Sphere!

Some of Sphere's partners.

Here's the TOP 5ive benefits for joining Sphere:

1~Swell your page-views and build on incremental advertising inventory.
2~Recirculate and monetize otherwise passive content, thus increasing your overall ROI=more $$$
3~Create a deeper, more sturdy reader experience by connecting your readers to contextually relevant articles from your archives and contents across the web.
4~Enhance site interaction by establishing your site as an information hub for readers.
5~Acquire new readers’ by adding your content to the Sphere network of content.

Sphere takes 3 simple steps to do the job!

1~Sphere it (by clicking the Sphere widget)

2~Wait for them (to get you the good stuff)

3~Voila! Another window with relevant contents appears!

Well, I hope that you guys will find this post useful! Do join Sphere and get connected. By the way, try click on my Sphere widget below. =)


Unknown said...

nice tips... gonna give it a try too...

just dropping by slumbeR@J@!

Tekkaus said...

Thanks for dropping by! =) It's very useful. Try it.