Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As Expected: The Return Of Anwar

After a decade of missing in actions in Parliament, Anwar had finally fought his way back with a unquestionable convincing victory over BN candidate, Arif Shah. Congratulation to Anwar for his compelling triumph, but I don't think Arif Shah deserved to be beaten either. Well, well, all that counts is the results. With a majority of 15,671 votes, exceeding the 13,388-vote majority won by his wife clearly shows that at least the Permatang Pauh wanted him to be in the Parliament!

The Return of PKR's King

The final enumeration unveiled Anwar won 31,195 votes, compared with 15,524 for his opponent from the BN, which has dominated Malaysian politics for half a century. So is this a strong message for anti-establishment? Or it was just the voices of Permatang Pauh? Moreover will Anwar be able to topple BN before 16th of September? He boldly claimed that he is on track to dethrone BN after Tuesday's landslide victory! Can he walk the talk? Will the ripples and tremors of his victory really shake us? All those questions and more...we will witness it our self in the future.

BUT...according to analysts, even after the charismatic 61-year-old opposition leader returns to parliament he still faces further daunting barricade including the looming trial on the new sexual misconduct charges. Anwar revival will be nothing short of explosive...but how long can this erupted volcano with spitting lava stay ALIVE? Will he be brought back down to earth by his "insignificant" coffee boy Saiful?

All this looks rather dramaturgical. More like a blockbuster movie rated 18PL stuffed with lots of inappropriate elements. If yesterday's historic moment is the precursor for the making of a better Malaysia either directly or all means go for it. BUT...please, please do not resort to violent conducts when things get unfavourable for either side. SAY NO TO VIOLENT CULTURE!!!


Bengbeng said...

the whole nation has been following this by-election. the people have spoken. it would b good if the govt takes heed of the message being sent.

Tekkaus said...

Yep! The government better do something fast! Really fast. Because what the people wants to see is result.