Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flying Car: Now Everyone Can Fly?

Where's your car?

Now everyone can fly! Yes, I’m sure fellow Malaysians are very familiar with this line right? It’s AirAsia’s motto. The company is renowned for its no frills low fare charge. But with the recent “attacks” by MAS and the never-ending increase of world oil price in mind, AirAsia vision might come to abrupt end. Let’s hope that wouldn’t materialize.

That aside, I’m sure the rich won’t be affected by the current price hike of fuel and other stuff. In fact, the rich (extremely) could even afford to have their very own FLYING CAR. And thus, e-very(rich)one can fly! No joke. Do you guys still remember that few years ago, we envision having robot maids and life on Moon? We might be a wee bit presumptuous, but at least the “flying car” fantasy is making some progress.

Futuristic carmaker Moller International has invented the flying car that might be the precursor to our fantasy. This 8-engine spacious craft was invented to change the way we commute. Besides easy to operate, this car can run on petrol, diesel or even ethanol. Basically it’s like a helicopter minus those head-chopping blades of course. But the catch is with this machine you can only hover 3 meters MAX. Any higher you need a pilot’s license of course. Fair enough.

Now we can fly!!!

A fantasy always cost more right? The same can be applied for this flying car. It comes with a huge price tag too. A piece of the future can be yours from just $90,000 (RM300,000). I’m sure this is cheaper compared to your prancing horse right? And you could be the pioneer and avoid all those bumper-to-bumper crawls. I wonder if Malaysians are allowed to have this toy.

See the flying car in Action! =)


foongpc said...

I don't think a flying car is such a good idea though it'll certainly helps with the road traffic jam! But then if everyone has a flying car, we'll have air traffic jam instead and that I think is probably worse!

Tekkaus said...

Well, when we have air traffic jam,we will hit the road again.Anyway thanks for droping by. =)


nice car, when r u buying one? so that u can fetch us to work without trapping in the traffic jam..wakaka~

s.kuan said...

don think it'll be allowed here... uhm lets stick to conventional cars LOL