Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exposed: Olympic Golden Medalist Secret

Startling revelation! An unknown source has revealed that there were at least 3 cases of cheats in Beijing Olympics. The 3 identified contest was weightlifting, diving and gymnastics. Strangely the lens of 3 video recorders managed to caught the whole cheating process. The culprit were snared red-handed and their medals have been stripped. But the person dubbed as the "Yellow Guy" who allegedly helped them still couldn't be detected anywhere!

Video footage showing the yellow guy strutting his stuff!

Here's the 3 videos showing the whole cheating process. Don't be shocked!!!




It's still unclear how many cheating cases had taken place. And there are few questions raised probing whether these cases are linked with other record-breaking feats achieved.However an intelligence report from China had confirmed that the so-called Yellow Guy originated from Malaysia and "he" or "they" are working with a company called DiGi. We tried to contact DiGi but our efforts seems futile. IOC in the other hand has vowed to come down hard on both the Yellow Guy and DiGi!

P.S: All the stories in this post are total fabrication. The 3 videos that you saw were DiGi's commecial video in conjunction with the Olympics. DiGi is one of the leading Telco in Malaysia, and they are the proud sponsor of Malaysian Olympics Broadcast. Swith to DiGi today and one of the yellow guys will be following you home. Ha =)

DiGi-Simply the smarter choice!

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