Monday, September 1, 2008

Come on Malaysians: More WE, less ME

First thing first, I would like to thank FongPC for tagging me, and Mongosteenskin who have ignited our love for Malaysia! Well, I'm at least 7 hours late with this post! 31st of August is when Malaysia gained its independence 51 years ago. All the hard work and labors that our forefather-Tunku Abdul Rahman did was never in vain! And we Malaysian should do all in our might to protect our Malaysia! To protect our hard-earned sovereignty and independence.

Don't let them down!

IMHO, there's no place in this world just like Malaysia! I would never ever leave this home soil of mine for somewhere else. Some of my friends have always talked about migrating to other countries because "the moon in another country is more beautiful!" But I have always insisted that Malaysia is truly unique and no other place in this Whole Wide World could even come close to replicate this idiosyncratic that Malaysia possess.

At times, I'm really worried that Malaysia will suffer from the backlash of bickering amongst some selfish Malaysians (Politicians). Some of them are the enemies within. They claimed they are fighting for the people; they asserted that they are jostling for the sake of Malaysia; they insisted that they know what is best for Malaysia; they even averred that Malaysia is on the verge on destruction and only them is our saviours (MY FOOT)! Finger(s) pointing could be seen anywhere! Accusations could be heard everywhere!

Some (not all) politicians are downright egomaniacal. Remember: They are not the people who fought for our country! They are not the people who sacrificed their very own lives to protect our country! And certainly they are not the people who prioritized Malaysia ahead of themselves. All they wanted is to be the controller of Malaysia; to be the kingpin of a country that they never truly care.

So wake up Malaysians! Don't let our forefathers and warriors who had sacrificed their life for the sake of us go down to drain. Don't let our TRUE heroes renunciation crashed and burned. And don't let our homeland be razed by anyone anymore. And Quachee and Mangosteenskin are the 2 bloggers who IMHO are true Malaysian Heroes! Read their blogs to find out more (click on their names).

Malaysia~I Love you too!

Our "mother" times might not seems to be caring at all. Other times she seems to have too many shortcomings. But really, all this while she has been protecting us; nurturing us and giving us all the love that we need. Count your blessings. And of course, no mother in this world want to see their children fight between themselves. So let us not hurt mommy anymore, shall we? Come one Malaysians, show our love to Mommy dearest: More WE, less ME!

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