Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Clutched In A Thunderstorm?

They are coming. Everyone seems to be so hysterical. Running up and down. Don't panic! Take a deep breath (but not too deep). Come to your sense and keep your composure. When you are ready, here's what to do: Take a shelter in a car or a building. If you are living in a shack or a hut, seek refuge immediately in a more stable building. You don't want to be blown away right?

This sure don't look good right?

The next wise thing to do is don't use any electrical appliances including the telephone. Who know? You might be electrocuted if you are not lucky. Windows are no-no approachable areas! So stay away from aperture or opening. You should also avoid getting close with metals such as pipes and radiators. Discard metal items such as golf clubs, spades and bicycles. They might be hitting you the hardest.

No! She's not coming!

If you are outside, never take shelter near or under an isolated tree. And do avoid all those open ground and ridges. Seek protection in a cave (if possible) or in a wood (minus tall trees). You could also try those hollow or dry ditch, or even under a hedge. Don't expose yourself at high points.

This could save your life...

Last but not least crouch down, keep your feet together and if possible curl into a ball! Yes, I'm serious coil yourself into a ball! No kidding! This have something to do with spaces and could minimizes your risk of getting injured, blown away or even death. And more thing: PRAY!


foongpc said...

Good tips to prevent getting killed by lightning. I'm pretty sure not many people know some of these tips. I even see people play football or jogging on the open field during a thunderstorm!
I just wonder if it's safe to take shower or bath during heavy lightning? What if the lightning strike the water tank and since water and the pipes are conductor of electricity, will we get zapped while bathing?

Tekkaus said...

Yes. One of my friends actually got a mild electrocution when he was passing motion. Er...per lor. Haha =) So, better not get yourself wet during the thunderstorm whether it's in or out of a building. Safety 1st right?

foongpc said...

Really ah? That's dangerous. Won't take shower in a thunderstorm again!

Tekkaus said...

Haha =) But that friend of mine is staying in kampung house lar. Perhaps that's why lor.