Friday, May 2, 2008

Marilyn Sherlock: 5 Tips For Your Crowning Glory

Your "crown" can look like this too!

Hie guys, want to know who on earth is Marilyn Sherlock? Is she related to Sherlock Holmes? Of course not! She has something to do with hairy issues (Nope, not Harry Potter). This Marilyn Sherlock is the Chairman of Institute of Trichologists, UK. She has 5 tips for you so that everyday is a sunny for your follicle even though it's pouring cats and dogs. Okay, let's see how you can lift you spirit and your crowning glory (hair) when the other is otherwise desperate to bring you down!

Here's your much-needed 5 Tips:

1~Daily Dose
Yes, don't wash and condition your hair only once a few days. Do it daily especially for those in grubby urban atmosphere. You soap you body every day right? Now just think of your hair as an extension of your skin. Pamper it dearly for it will "repay" your kindness.

2~Well-balanced Diet
Yes, if you want to have a long silky-sabre hair, eating a well balanced diet is essential. A few bites of all kinds of food will provide the full complement of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and oils. Do consider to take some supplements.

3~Trim It Baby
Yes, get a trim for you hair every 6 to 8 weeks. This will stops ends splitting and breaking!

4~Heat It Right
Yes, if you are using heating tools. First, do apply a protective serum. Secondly always keep the appliances moving through the hair before it got burn.

5~Deep-conditioning Treatment
Use this treatment if your hair is dry. But if it's damaged, don't let the worse become worst. Just go to the barber and fix it.

My hair feel a little itchy right now. So, will try to make good use of the tips. How about you guys? How many days since you pamper those hair streaming down you head? You better take care of it before it's ruined beyond you control okay. The worst case scenario that will happen to your crowning glory is this!!!

Your hair could turn into this!