Friday, May 2, 2008

Malaysia KTM Doesn't Need An Oshiya!

Yeah! Just came back sending my wife off to work. Right now I'm sipping my favourite chilled Nescafe! The weather is quite hot right now. And the fact that I'm sleepy doesn't help much too. So some java would do the trick. If not I'll doze off and will miss my bus. Yes, in another...say...half an hour I'm going back to see my dad, mum and bro. Miss them a lot too!

So later I'll need to walk for 10 minutes to catch a mini bus. Then I'll take a train from UKM to Seremban. Upon reaching there, I'll wait for my 5.30p.m. Seremban-Malacca bus. But the I dreaded the most is waiting for the train. Sometimes it's really hard to catch a coach on time. Worse still the train is never (EVER) punctual. I'm sure many will agree with me!

Snapshot of Midvalley KTM platform!

Sometimes, when it's peak hour the...the crowd came in throng and flock into the train. So everyone got sardined into a small "can". But other times it's really smooth sailing and not many people will take the train (Malaysians are rich I guess). But after I stumbled upon this video about the Oshiya(s) in Japan's trains' platform...then just i realised that our KTM is not that bad after all. At least we don't need Oshiya like the Japanese.

Hey, don't grab my ass!

So who is oshiya? Well, Oshiya or "pusher", is an informal Japanese term for those worker who stands on the platform of a railway station during the morning and evening rush hours, and pushes people onto the train. Great! makes me wonder when will Malaysia have Oshiya too? Beats me!

Ladies got molested! Damm those perverts!

Okay! It's time to pack up before I miss my bus! Time flies man. Anyway I wished everyone will have a wonderful weekend okay. Until I blog again, see you guys next week at the same URL, same place (your computer screen)! *wink* ;)


Pembaca-Berita said...

LOL.. the video is funny. hope that that kind of scenario NEVER happen in malaysia..huhu

Mrcoolku said...

omg. thats really too horrible. really lucky that don't happen in Msia.

Enjoy your holidays!

Unknown said...

ya, dont need that haha...

but still want the bullet train ! :)

3POINT8 said...

How the hell does someone get out on a desired location?
Or does the train only has one stop where everyone gets out instead of multiple stops?

Tekkaus said...

gnomefan>> But maybe one day we will need one who knows right?

Coolku>>I just came back from my holidays! Thanks.

Quachee>>You know you are really funny, "Still want the bullet train". Ha =) I read ur post regarding it. Funny!

3 Points 8>> Yahoh! How did they got out? Ouh...I know. there's another Oshiya in the train! LOL! =)