Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mahathir's Retaliation?

Mahathir had quited UMNO. He also openly admit it's a move to oust Abdullah. Some see it as a shocking move by the Malaysian ex-PM. But I am not taken aback at all by his latest plot. A few would have expect him to drop this bombshell for a long, long time. Even Musa, Mahathir's ex-deputy sees his exit as blessing in disguise. I utterly agree that Mahathir has become very unbecoming lately and he is not only a thorn in the flash for UMNO, but to Malaysia.

You will if you take a step back.

Don't get me wrong. I have utmost respect for Mahathir who once single-handedly rescued Malaysia from the 1997 economy crisis by pegging our ringgit. BUT now he is turning into a villain or some sort. That respect has been fading. It's enough he had sabotaged UMNO and BN. And now Malaysia is beginning to feel the ripples of his selfish acts. Where is the ex-Premier who once put BN and Malaysia before himself?

Again and again, he had criticized Abdullah for not being fit for UMNO. But from what I see, Mahathir is desperate to get rid of Abdullah because he is deemed UNFIT for Mahathir himself. UNFIT to cover up all the messes he made for 20 years. I'm sure Mahathirism purist will not agree. But why did Mahathir repeatedly does something that is hurting Malaysian as a whole?

Can Abdullah hang on?

Mahathir insist that his so-called radical move is essential to remove "gangrene" in order for UMNO to survive. Mahathir looks more like the gangrene to me. He even encourage other UMNO members to join him in his exodus. Is this rational? His move is rather impulsive and maybe PAS' Ismail Wan Teh did help a bit to spark the flame (so now Mahathir is under PAS shadow?). Obviously Mahathir's provocative approach to mount pressure on Abdullah revealed how desperate he is to stop Abdullah from putting him behind bars.

I thing he did!

Mahathir and Abdullah's saga started 4 years ago. But lately this storm has brew to an uncontrollable issue. Prior to the Malaysian's general election, the "enlightment" of Lingam case had certainly made Mahathir trembling on his fate. So armed with BN heaviest defeat in history. Mahathir wanted to make Abdullah the scapegoat and oust him. Then he could replace (or suggest) someone that will cover up all his trail of wrongdoings.


Abdullah, our so-called sleeping PM is not going to give in to Mahathir's political gameplay. A few days ago the Royal Commision had proposed Mahathir to be one of the six high prolific person to be probed. Mahathir could be the mastermind who framed his then ambitious deputy-Anwar. He framed Anwar for abusing his power and even end up sodomizing another guy. The allegation on Anwar was a blatant fabrication. Appararently Mahathir is the one who had abuse his power to made the judge obeyed his wishes. If the probe does go on, Mahathir's reputation will be tarnished and the possibility of him finishing his remainder of life in bars is imminent.

Here's a snippet of what Malaysian Ex-Premier got to say for his latest political ploy. Does his words still worth our listening?

So can, Mahathir who is riding on his still-burning political flame get out of this duel unscathed? Or will he succumb to his own traps? He is influential but his beacon is waning every second. Will the "useless" Abdullah be able to stand on his ground till the last minute and prove his worth? Who is right? Or is the culprit? That...we will see. =)