Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From Wardrobe To The Caspian Sea!

A year after the Pevensie children found a secret entrance through the full of fur coat-wardrobe that led to Narnia; this time their entrance is much dramatic! The whole subway station where they were waiting for the train tore apart to become Narnia. Talking about grand welcome. But they are not the main heroes here!

Everything you know is about
to change forever! REALLY??

So this week's Monday Blues will feature the sequel of the Sang Singa, Nenek Kebayan dan Almari (loosely translated Malaysian language of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). Enter Prince Caspian. There's lots of hype for this sequel. The 1st Narnia installment IMHO was a disappointment. Let's see if the latest can save the whole Narnia franchise from sinking.

25-years-old Ben Barnes.
Looks can be deceiving huh!

Prince Caspian played by Ben Barnes is actually older than the director thought. He was mistakenly thought to be 17 years old when he is actually 8 years senior than what he looks (25). He does look young huh? Whether this Narnia succeed or not will depend much on how Caspian perform. Judging from the trailer, we could be in for a good time. Hit the cinema and watch for yourself how Prince Caspian become the King Caspian!

Will this battle be an epic? Or just another flop?

And yeah! Notice that the title: From Wardrobe To Caspian Sea? Well actually both the wardrobe and the caspian sea were intended to denote the 1st and the current Narnia. BUT...the movie Prince Caspian has nothing to do with the Caspian Sea. BUT (another), there is this place called Caspian Sea. In fact it's the largest lake which is sandwiched between Russia and Iran. That will help in your geography!

Behold the Caspian Sea.
But has nothing to do with Prince Caspian!

Anyway, this will be a long week. Try to catch it in cinema with your spouse, family or friends. Expect a Disneyland kind of journey for this movie. And as for Malaysian, you can watch it at RM8 ($2.7) at GSC tomorrow. There are special rates at GSC every Wednesday. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. For the time being, here's the trailer. =)


Yoong Family said...

i'm kinda looking forward to this movie! the first one was a little disappointing for me.


Tekkaus said...

Yeah! A total dissapointment. Hopefully this one will fare better! =)

Unknown said...

golly that was a good & funny translation alrite! lol