Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bye! I Was Just A NNN (Normal NuffNanger)

Which is you?

Yes! I'm just one glitter-less Normal NuffNanger! After a few months using Nuffnang, I think it's time for me to call it a day. Prior to the commence of Glitterati, I was really excited and was looking forward to be part of it. But after the launch of Glitterati, Nuffnang users are divided into two different "caste"! One is the normal non-exclusive (that was me), and the other is Glitterati! I am disappointed. Truly I am.

Nuffnang's double-edge sword?

Why is there such "caste" difference? Easy. By doing so, Nuffnang could effectively eliminate its competitor indirectly. Hey, that sounds so Microsoft! This loyalty program is only eligible to those who doesn't have any ad unit from other ad network that originates out of South-East Asia. And guess who is Nuffnang's direct nemesis in SEA? Advertlets of course.

Okay, I have choosen to be just a NNN because I still wanted to place Advertlets ad in my blog. I'm ok with the fact that my earning will be 20% to 50% lower than the Glitteratis! I'm ok with fact that I'll receive low CPC and CPM rates. I'm also ok with fact that I won't be able to use innit (I'm ok since most of them nang themselves). All in all, I don't mind being discriminated ethically by Nuffnang!

But recently, Nuffnang has been showing empty ad on my blog. Seriously I never wanted to try to earn tonnes from Nuffnang. My main purpose for sticking with Nuffnang is because I wanted it to "decorate" my blog. But the fact that I've been getting lots of "empty ads" from time to time really have sicken me.

What a disappointment!

First thing first, how am I supposed to earn when there's no ad for people to click on? I heard that some "loyal" nuffnang users always have ads displayed because they have clicked their own ads and legally exchange ad-clicking with fellow "loyal" nuffnangers. And that's why their ads will be displayed more often (just like how they nang themselves and each others). I don't do that. And I'm really sick of getting empty ads.

And yeah, even before Glitterati was launched I have been making 7 times more money using Advertlets compared to Nuffnang. If there's one reason for me to choose Advertlets, the earning I got is the testimony why I shouldn't use Nuffnang anymore! So if you were to ask me which is better? Advertlets of course. Besides I don't like how Nuffnang segregates bloggers! IMHO, Nuffnang had failed me and let the small "people" like me down.

Okay! Bye bye Nuffnang! And I'm sure other Nuffnang users can do really good with Nuffnang. But not me. All the best to Nuffnang (sincerely). Obviously I'm not in Nuffnang's plan. I will never become a Glitterati. I was a Normal Nuffnanger (NNN). I was. Now, not anymore. I officially won't be serving any (empty) Nuffnang ad anymore. Sayonara Nuffnang!

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