Friday, May 9, 2008

Tree Man: Treebeard's Descendant?

One is fictional and the other is REAL!

First thing first, this post was not meant to snub Dede who is now known as Tree Man! Before that, why would I refer him as Treebeard's Descendant? Well for those of you who don't have the slightest idea who is Treebeard, he is one of the fictional characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR. You see in LOTR, Treebeard is the oldest of the Ents-a race of humanoid tree. Hence I am intrigued to relate Dede, our poor Tree Man to Treebeard.

Here's Dede's plight: Some might find him rather amusing. But deep down inside, this poor man really hope he could be normal again. This 35-year-old Indonesian's torment started 10 years ago when he suffered a normal cut. Little did he knew, this simple harmless-looking cut had transformed him into the dreaded Tree Man that he is. Initially the cut caused tree-like warts to grew all over his body. Then the worse came to worst, these warts turned into mossy, branchy growth-covering his body!

A sad sight...

Not only he is now in pain, he could not even walk properly. BUT this poor guy is not let off easily. Salts are rubbed against his wounds: his wife dumped him, he lost his job and he is even seen as the village freak! Imagine he has to endure all this agony and excruciating pain for the past 10 years!!! Moreover in order to make some living, he was forced to "use" his appearance in shows and exhibitions. A mockery to himself? Poor guy.

Hopefully the experts can make Dede normal again!

Fortunately his plight was alarmed last year and several dermatologists is helping him right now. Dede was simply suffering from HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Usually HPV causes warts (frequently of the genital variety) and is quite common in humans. Unfortunately for Dede, he happens to have a rare genetic flaw that causes his immune system to be as weak as someone with AIDS. Hence the HPV managed to manipulate his flaws and turn him into a tree! The chances of this genetic fault? Less than one in a million. But now that the experts are willing to give him a helping hand, Dede can finally have a breather. A glimmer of light if you like. Let's hope he'll recover soon. =)

Watch his plight!


fie the elf said...

omg fuck that's so scary. we should get checked for HPV.

Tekkaus said...

not really lar! Only if we have the genetic flaws like the one suffered by Dede! =/