Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mandog Is For Real?

Yesterday was my "last battle" in NUM (National University of Malaysia). The battle was code named STAL 3083 and the subject was Marine Biotechnology. I took 7 hours of brain power to absorb every single piece of information that I could, and I took 1 hour 30 minutes and use all my ammunition to kill off my exam. Although I completed my mission, but I have this nagging feeling that something is still unsettle! I wonder why...

Talking about Biotechnology, I still remembered that last year one of the authorities in UK actually approved the creation of human-animal embryo. In the process, the nucleus of a cow (egg) is removed and replaced with a human nucleus. Hence to unscrew the tense and debate that shadow this approval, the embryos will not be allowed to live more than 14 days. But really, accident do happened and if these embryos were not destroyed what will happen? Will this give rise to a new race-manimal?

Homo sapien are blurring the lines between human and animal. The primary reason for doing so is to find new ways to treat diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. But as mentioned earlier, this research could be abused. What if a lunatic actually fund this project to create manimal for his bid to takeover the world? What if some crazy doctors actually go the extra unauthorized miles to create this manimal for glory? So comical? But it could be true. Those of you who had watched The Island of Doctor Moreau would agree that the rise of a new species is not that far. So mandog could very well be roaming around among us very soon. And you might be their ancestors too. Who knows right? Is this what they call the beauty of science?

These could be your babies!

I'm going too far am I? I actually wanted to write about my finished exam yesterday, I don't know why mandog came into the picture. Perhaps it got to do with biotechnology. And now I know why I have this nagging feeling. It's because I have another final battle another 2 weeks away. The war involves presentation of my thesis. No wonder. Got to stop right now. That's all for today folks. Need some break before I burn out. Hey, where's my pet dog?