Thursday, March 20, 2008

Try GOA!

Told you not to overspend on games!

Tired of paying visit to the computer store now and then to buy the video games that yo want to play. Then got home and finished it in hours? The other you start all over again and dig deeper into your pocket to buy another few games to bust your time. Then the scenario repeats itself over and over again. Sounds like you? Great! Here's a way to save your hard-earned cash or pocket money. Visit GOA now!

Unlike most PC games where you are fighting against an almost-predictable AI. GOA offers free multiplayer online games such as Pangya, Gun Bound just to name a few. Pangya is a golfing game where players compete with one another and only pay extra for items like special golf clubs.

Let's GOA!

So for you guys who wants more human touch or simply want to interact with more people besides your siblings and housemates, visit GOA to play with others right now. And best of all it's free. Yes, FREE. So your money is safe! =)