Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mariah Carey Would Love To Have Pleo!

Miss Mariah with her little dog!

The last time I heard Miss Carey said she is not ready for motherhood because she can't even manage her little dog. Great excuse huh! So for you guys wanting to be the Mr. Right for her...the little white dog is your biggest obstacle. For you guys thinking of ending her single-hood and dreaming of Mariah having you baby...well here's a suggestion!

Since this sultry Mariah Carey can't even manage her puppy with all those fur shedding and chocolate-ty dung (I'm not sure what else should I call it, sorry!)...perhaps she shouldn't be keeping a pet dog right! So guys, give her Pleo. I'm sure she'll like it. And it won't get old too as long as you don't temper with it.

So what on earth is Pleo? I'm sure you guys Know Sony's Aibo right? Well Pleo is somewhat similar to Aibo and needs care and attention just like a Tamagotchi. So you have to nurture it. Pleo is based on Camarasaurus, a late jurasic north Amrican herbivore, 20m long in adulthood (don't worry pleo can't grow!). Pleo can be programmed via a USB cable connected to your computer or via a memory card slotted into its underbelly so it can learn new tricks such as barking at intruders (dinasour barks?).

Aww...isn't Pleo cute? He eats too!

This green and brown pet, retails at 300 euros (RM1500), is baby-like when young and purrs with pleasure when tickled under then chin. It also get hungry and have mood swings too, just like us! Wow, fancy a dinosour as your pet? I'm sure this would be a great gift to a lot of people. Perhaps Miss Carey would love to have one too right? Guys, ready to swipe your credit card for this living fossil?

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Watch Pleo in action!