Saturday, February 2, 2008

Won't Go Home Without You!

Want to bring them home?

Yupe, this week for juke-blog would be this song-Won't Go Home Without You. Another sweet song (IMHO) from Maroon Five. This song is about trying to mend a broken relationship...but you'll see in the end it's a tad late. But, hey at least he tried. We should learn from this and don't give up too easily! =)

Although this song is intended to feel rather sombre, but I really feel alive when listening to their voice. I mean this song really tune my ears and heart (seriously)! You'll see (or listen that their voice is really unique). The MTV is really great too. Correct me if I'm wrong, I heard that this MTV was directed by the fans? Uber cool man! Fans rules...or do we? Besides the opening with the beat of the drum really kicks things off (and that's even a lion dance!). Do enjoy! And for you guys who happen to visit (will visit) the music stores, do bring them home okay. (Check out the lyrics here).

Yupe, it never over if you don't give up!