Thursday, January 31, 2008

Extra Large Please...

...and please add more salts to my fries!

The next time you wanted to supersize this meal at McDonald's, think again. Perhaps the regular is just nice. Want to know why? Here's why: The more you supersize, the deeper your pocket!

In a report carried out by the Journal of The American COllege of Nutrition found that the larger portions, especially eaten outside the home, are often linked to the acquisition of excess body weight. It all begins with adding an immodest portion to your meal (RM2). But that is just the beginning of the financial outlay:

-Overeating leads to weight gain (36 grams of fat from just one supersizing).
-This in turn leads to more excess baggage (body weight).
-Hence more food is needed to maintain your plus size (RM1.30).
-Your car started to feel more of you which drops its kilometres per liter, boosting yearly fuel bill by about RM2.

The final verdict: the meal upgrade cost an extra RM5 (of course without considering the health care bills for heart-related diseases).

So you still want to supersize? Think about it! =)

Sir, wait you forgot your FREE McFlurry!