Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 (Limited Edition) Unveiled!

Let's paint the town red Iron Man fans! Finally the limited edition of Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 has been officially unveiled. It is indeed one heck of a flamboyant smartphone I have to admit, more so when this Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 features the iconic red and gold painting scheme that Tony Stark has approved. The titular Iron Man face at the back of this special edition Galaxy Edge S6 makes the whole phone looks a cut above the rest! OMG! It exudes so much class and coolness that I am practically drooling while looking at it.

 photo Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Limited Edition 02_zpsbzjqja74.jpg
Stunningly beautiful-Iron Man edition of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

This limited edition Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 comes in an equally awesome red box that is very collectible. One you unbox it, you will be greeted by the Iron Man (himself in the flesh metal) and your eyes will definitely pop out when you see the jaw-dropping wireless charging pad that looks exactly the same like Tony Stark's arc reactor! OMG! Best of all, this Iron Man edition of Samsung Galaxy Edge is preloaded with a custom Avengers theme that will surely make the phone look and feel more SUPER! Watch the following official unboxing video of it:

 photo Iron Man Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Limited Edition 01_zpskj3hlres.jpg
Unboxed! Look at the wireless charging pad! OMG!

It's like a dream come true for all Iron Man fans with the release of this uber cool Iron Man here comes the BAD NEWS! Apparently, for the time being...Samsung will only be selling this Iron Man Galaxy Edge S6 at 3 countries-South Korea, China and Hong Kong. So no Iron Man-themed Galaxy Edge S6 at other countries? Why o why? So it is a very limited edition after all huh Tony Stark? T_T Guess fans from other countries could only be using the normal Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. *sob*

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