Friday, April 10, 2015

Pokka Premium Milk Coffee For Only RM1.39 At Giant Cheng!

Although the implementation of GST has really burdened a lot of people...there are some silver linings after all. After taken my lunch today, my wife and I dropped at Giant Cheng for a stroll. After grabbing some stuffs that we wanna buy, we headed towards the cashiers. That was when I saw my bargain of the day-Pokka Premium Milk Coffee. As I have mentioned before, these delectable coffee can be quite "rare" and to stumble upon them there was really something surprising. More astonishingly each of them cost only RM1.39 (US$0.40) instead of the usual RM4. Of course there is a rock-bottom deal right? But why?

 photo 01 Pokka Premium Milk Coffee For Only RM1.39 At Giant Cheng_zps3s2eljjd.jpg
Reduce to clear!

Apparently not many people seem to savour these bottles of goodness. Perhaps they have never tried it before? Or maybe the original asking price was too much to stomach? Unfortunately the weak demand for these Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, coupled with their short shelf lives have forced the management to "get rid" of them as soon as possible. After inspecting my the bottles there, I was glad to notice that they would only expire on the 22th of May 2015. So I could safely enjoy every single droplet of it at only RM1.39. It's a steal right?

 photo 02 Pokka Premium Milk Coffee For Only RM1.39 At Giant Cheng_zpsgxwg3foj.jpg many bottles? Nobody wants them?

 photo 03 Pokka Premium Milk Coffee For Only RM1.39 At Giant Cheng_zpsqr0ck4ev.jpg
So cheap...what's the catch?

 photo 04 Pokka Premium Milk Coffee For Only RM1.39 At Giant Cheng_zps18qj8xor.jpg
It is still good. At least for another month. :p

It's not every day that you can get a good bottle of gourmet coffee (500ml) for dirt cheap price-RM1.39! So if you are a big fan of this Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, head over to Giant Cheng (Melaka) to grab as many as you can before they are gone or expire. You'd better hurry as the price tag is really, really irresistible! Happy drinking your coffee folks. :)

 photo 05 Pokka Premium Milk Coffee For Only RM1.39 At Giant Cheng_zps3vcscg0o.jpg
Come grab yours. Yeah~I am their promoter today. :D

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