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OCBC Smart Savers Account-The Best Savings Account In Malaysia With 3.05%* Interest Rate

They say we need to save for our rainy days, especially in the face of this economy uncertainty. In Malaysia, the depreciation of our currency (Ringgit Malaysia) and the implementation of GST are really burning the pockets of a lot of Malaysians. The wallets and purses of the lower and middle income groups are really bleeding and by now a lot of us know the importance of savings. We Malaysians should really save but a staggering 88% of Malaysians have zero savings! It's time to start saving before it is too late.

 photo 01 01 OCBC Smart Savers Account-The Best Savings Account In Malaysia With 3.05 Interest Rate_zpsyedcbo8a.jpg
OCBC Smart Savers-The BEST Savings Account In Malaysia!

We all know that savings account in Malaysia don't really offer good returns. However I have discovered a savings account that could give you return almost as much as a fixed deposit account. Introducing OCBC Smart Savers Account which is the best savings account in Malaysia! Yes, you can get interest rates as high as 3.05% with this OCBC Smart Savers Account! The best part is you can start with a low initial deposit of RM200.

 photo 02 OCBC Smart Savers Account-The Best Savings Account In Malaysia With 3.05 Interest Rate_zps9dan35pl.jpg
Interest will be calculated and credited at the end of each month.

This OCBC Smart Savers Account wants to encourage you to save for your rainy days. You will be rewarded with better interest rates if you deposit more funds into your account. By investing as little as RM50 into your account you will get an unbelievably high 2.9% interest rate which is really a lot compared to other conventional savings account. If you deposit RM1000 for any month you will be getting the highest tier of interest rate-3.05%. Not bad at all for a savings account right? Your interest will be calculated and given at the end of each month. :)

 photo 03 OCBC Smart Savers Account-The Best Savings Account In Malaysia With 3.05 Interest Rate_zpscdvrqcc2.jpg
It's time to save for your rainy days.

What if you do not have any extra money for that particular month? Or you have forgotten to deposit your money into your Smart Savers Account? Fret not! Even if you DO NOT DEPOSIT any fresh fund into your account, you will still be enjoying a high interest rate of 2.55%. However you should not withdraw any money from this account if you wanna enjoy the high interest rate. The moment you make any withdrawal for that month, your interest rate will be adjusted (demoted) to 0.5% instead of 2.55% and above. Still this is higher than a lot of conventional savings account right? So the following month(s), you can still enjoy the high interest rate of 2.55% as long as you don't make any withdrawals.

Honestly I love this OCBC Smart Savers Account a much so that I have not one but TWO OCBC Smart Savers Accounts. (Yay! :D) Yupe! Every month I will inject fresh fund into both accounts to take advantage of its high interest. The high interest rate of 2.9% for a "small" deposit of RM50 is really, really motivating. I have always chuck my extra income that I moonlight into these 2 treasure chests of mine. So if you do not have any Savings Account yet, open this OCBC Smart Savers Account now with as little as RM200! I highly recommend it. :)

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