Friday, July 4, 2014

Should I Accept Prudential Offer?

My Prudential Insurance agent just knocked on my door just now telling me a good news. He told me that I was selected to accept an offer to increase my premium and protection. Well...I believe I am not the only one right? I was selected because I did not make any claim so that's why I was offered this so-called "good deal". My original insurance premium from Prudential is an all-in-one plan (aka investment-linked), so by adding RM50 to my premium (to become RM250), I will be enjoying the following benefits:

 photo PrudentialInsuranceOffer_zps940e38b8.jpg
This is what my Insurance Agent had showed me.

Lifetime Limit: RM500ks to RM1.6 million.
Annual limit: RM50ks to RM80ks
Room & Board: RM100 to RM250
Co-insurance: 90% to 100% (Prudential will pay everything)

So what do you think folks? Is it really worth it-the RM50 increment? Of course half of the premium will be for investment. I am not really into insurance so that's why I don't know in detail about it.. Perhaps most of you have already been "upgraded"? I am really enticed to know that for RM250 per month my lifetime limit is increased to RM1.6 million. Is this a lot or all the other insurance companies are giving such benefits? And the co-insurance thingy! if I upgrade I do not need to pay the usual 10% anymore? I am wondering if this is the current trends with all the insurance companies in Malaysia? Can someone please fill me in?

 photo PrudentialInsuranceHealth_zpsc021d644.jpg
Tell me more about your Insurance it the same like mine?

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