Monday, September 30, 2013

Colleague Going AWOL

I have been really busy these few weeks and that is why I have been deserting my blog. That is because something bad is brewing in my real life...well...not my personal life but in my company. Nothing seems to be ticking in my company as a lot of my colleagues have not been feeling too well. The latest one involves an experienced staff who reported that he has been diagnosed with cancer. He applied for a few of leaves and well...that's when all hell breaks loose...

 photo ColleagueGoingAWOL02_zpsabb65b38.jpg
When you are all alone...

After his medical leave...he failed to report to the company. In fact none of us could reach him. We waited patiently for 1 day...2 days...3 week and suddenly received his message saying that he wanted to resign. That was like a bombshell to us as we totally did not see this coming. Then again he never showed up. The worse has yet to come...there had been gossips swirling in the vineyard that he had swindled money from our company...rumours about him fleeing Malacca to escape from the loan sharks...the worst part is...we heard that his wife ditched him and brought their children to her hometown...

 photo ColleagueGoingAWOL01_zps199ecc8d.jpg
When love and hope turn into despair...

That is why these few weeks yours, truly have been busy. Together with another 2 colleagues, we are desperately trying to take up his unfinished portfolios (jobs). At times I do feel too exhausted. But hey...I am supposed to be a solution to my company and not a "problem" right? I am not complaining at all about this colleague who has gone fact...I do feel bad for him. The last time I heard about him...he was sleeping mosques in Southern part of Malaysia...all alone...Goodness. I do believe that he has cancer and I hope he will get better soon. Life is really unpredictable *sigh*...

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