Monday, September 23, 2013

Manchester City 4-1 United-A Total Demolition!

Who would have thought that Manchester United would be trounced by their noisy neighbour again...perhaps we do expect a draw but not a defeat of such manner with such a gaping scoreline. 4 goals to 1 is really a demoralizing defeat. The result totally underlines United's weaknesses in just about all departments. It is United's worst defeat at the Etihad since 2004. *sigh* Not a good start to a season at all...what is going on United?

 photo ManchesterCity4-1United-ATotalDemolition03_zps9cc3def8.jpg
Aguero-the assassin!

For new United's boss-David Moyes, it was such an excruciating match to witness. It was a humiliation to him and the rest of the United players. Perhaps only Robin Van Persie is spared from this demolition because he was out with a groin injury. Then again his absence shouldn't be the main reason why United is being thrown around like a ragged doll. Leaking for goals can only mean that United's awful defense and more obviously their midfield are WEAK, CLUELESS AND LOST! New arrival Marouane Fellaini did little to justify his exorbitant price tag of £27.5million. What a shame!

 photo ManchesterCity4-1United-ATotalDemolition04_zps55b7f8e8.jpg
What had gone wrong? EVERYTHING!

When United were slaughtered back in 2011, the margins were narrower until the final few minutes...but not in this match. City had scored 4 goals with 40 minutes to spare. 2 goals from Aguero and one a piece from Toure and Nasri ensure that United could not claw back. This is really alarming as United have only 1 solitary point to show out of their 3 important matches against the biggies (Chelsea, Liverpool and City). So what has gone wrong? Besides David Moyes losing the battle of tactics, United's players themselves are simply too uninspiring compared to their neighbours.

 photo ManchesterCity4-1United-ATotalDemolition02_zpsb0648898.jpg
Moyes knows his cannot afford another defeat...

David Moyes has gotta improve his tactics, dressing room peep talks and plug his hairdryers right. He has to bring out the best in all United players. And we terribly need reinforcement during the January transfer window to bolster our midfield. The crack is too glaringly obvious to ignore. United need a tough creative midfield that can pull the strings in midfield. If David Moyes does not thwart this plunge...we would be languishing in mid table next year. Period!