Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Illicit Cigarettes Smuggling Thwarted Again. Why It Is A Good News!

You might think, "Why would people smuggle cigarettes? Isn't it relatively cheap? It's either you pay to smoke or you don't get to taste the tar on your tongue!" With the recent tax hike imposed on our Malaysian cigarettes, smokers have found it even difficult to puff their more expensive sticks. But that doesn't mean that they should stop smoking their favourite cigarettes. Unfortunately as the saying goes, "Where there is a will, there is a way." And their will for cheaper cigarettes is answered in the form of illegal cigarettes that are smuggled into our countries! *shake head*

Again you might questioned, "What's wrong with illicit cigarettes? It's cheap and nobody is being harmed in the process except the tabacco companies?" After all they are more afforadble at RM3 per pack. That's what gullible minds (including me) will think in the first place. The truth is...illicit cigarettes are actually the main source of income for triads and gangsters to fund their vice activities. It is has been reported that the smuggling of illicit cigarettes is way more lucrative compared to drug smuggling. That is why the syndicates behind illicit cigarettes are doing their best to meet the demand of cheap cigarettes in Malaysia.

I am glad to know that another attempt to smuggle this illicit cigarettes had been thwarted by our marine police in Tawau, Sabah. It was reported (as seen in the video) that our marine police who were patrolling our waters at Batu Tiga, Tawau spotted a suspicious speedboat. Upon approaching the speedboat, the culprits immediately threw some boxes off their speedboat and fled. When our marine police checked on those boxes, they were shocked to see cartoons after cartoons of illicit cigarettes right before their eyes.

The seized cigarettes were of different brands and they were all...ILLEGAL...just a few moments from being smuggled onto our shores. So kudos to our vigilant marine police for crippling the smuggle of these illicit cigarettes which was estimated to be valued at RM100 million. Goodness...that's surely a lot of cigarettes for smokes to puff their nose off! Imagine what the criminals could have done with RM100 million at their disposal. Those smokers who want puff these illegal cheap sticks not only jeopardize their own health but they are also supporting so many untold criminal activities. *gasp*