Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Footballers VS Zombies Cartoon [FUNNY]

The new football season is about to begin again. Yay! So have you bought your season ticket or subscribe to sports channel to catch your favourite football teams in action? I, myself, can't wait to see how my favourite teams would do in their new kit for the brand new calender. I wonder who will be the kingmaker in Spain this time? Still between the two bests: Messi and Ronaldo? Now...what if footballers armed with some guns were to be put in a field whereby they have to face brain-chewing zombies? Do you wanna know how different footballers will take on the zombies in their own unique way?

 photo FootballersVSZombiesCartoonSmall_zps1de21e30.jpg

1. Barcelona: I find this comic really funny. Look at the first team at the top-Barcelona. It appears that they rely heavily on Messi to take out the zombies while Iniesta and Xavi are busy providing reloads to their Messiah. Funny but true aye.

2. Real Madrid: At the middle we could see that the cartoonist is a strong supporter of Real Madrid. Both Ronaldo and Pepe were able to hold off the walking deads pretty easily on their own.

3. Liverpool: Moving to the bottom left, one would be rolling on the floor laughing at how Luiz Suarez is being portrayed here. Instead of using guns to kill the zombies, Suarez has a better way to deal with them-bite them to pieces! Haha :D Hilarious!

4. Chelsea: On the bottom right, the poor El Nino-Fernando Torres has been ridiculed for his missed attempts. Torres' shots on the zombies keep on missing even though the distance is so near. Pretty much explain what happened to him last season. Wait...what is Ramos doing beside him? LOL

I had a great laugh with this cartoon. How about you? I do feel sorry for some of the footballers like Suarez and Torres who had been belittled in this cartoon. But I don't deny that they had done a great job for their respective clubs last season. We should give the devils their dues right? How come there is nothing about Mancheter United? Anyway this is a really awesome cartoon to warm us all up for the upcoming football season. Long live football! :D

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