Sunday, November 11, 2012

Manchester United-The Comeback King Beat Aston Villa 3-2

Manchester United had to dig very, very deep into their reserve again to beat Aston Villa 3-2...or did they? Manchester United were trailing 2-0 after 50 minutes' of play time and of course the Villains were overjoyed with their 2 goals advantage right? So we, the Red Devil fans should be very worried, biting their nails and pulling their hair when we down by 2 goals? Not at all. No disrespect to the hardworking Villains, one cannot help but feel that Manchester United will win when the final whistle is blown!

Hernandez fires home the equalizer!

Today was a rare day as my beloved wife allowed me to watch the game at the mamak stall in the wee hour. While sipping my teh tarik and eating my crunchy roti canai, I was not anxious at all when United were down 2-0. Strangely I had this uncanny feeling that they will surely bounce back and produce a win. 8 minutes later, Javier Hernandez scored the first goal to cut the deficit. It was a no-look, cunning, opportunist goal from the Mexican. 5 minutes later Chicarito equalized for Manchester United. Even though the goal was an own goal, I still strongly believe the Hernandez should be given his due credit.

The lethal header from Chicarito that earned Manchester United all 3 points.

After that the Red Devils shifted into top gears (as usual) and began their onslaught at Aston Villa's goal. Robin Van Persie should have scored twice after he had beaten the goalkeeper. However the flying Dutchman was denied twice as he failed to beat the woodwork. Tough luck huh! Just when it appeared that the Villains would be clinging to their fair spoils, Van Persie's cross was connected by Javier Hernandez to head home United's third goal of the night. It was a perfectly-timed run by the Chicarito who gave the keeper no chance at all.

It is always to savour a mug of foamy teh tarik while watching live football. :D

I felt sorry for Aston Villa as they played very well to push forward. However, lapses in their defense for failing to mark their predator-Chicarito; and lack of luck proved to be very costly for them. Again Manchester United lived up to their Comeback King tag to carve out a win from 2 goals down. Guess we can expect more of such comebacks from them? Glory~glory~Man United! :)

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