Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Jasmine Chose Optimus Prime? [PICS]

The day after our Jasmine's 1 Year Old Birthday Dinner, we held a special ceremony for her. Can you guess what ceremony was that? It had something to do choosing stuff. Remember 16 months (or so) ago, our little Jordan was seated in a huge tray where a few items were awaiting to be chosen by him? Yupe. That was exactly what our little Jasmine had to go through as well-The Destiny Choosing Ceremony! Sounds very serious right? It should be. Ha :D

Ang Kuh Kuih and red eggs. :)

Daddy offering prayers to the Gods.

Mommy~today your granddaughter turns 1.

We (especially my wife :p) woke up early on that day to prepare for our little Jasmine's big day. Together with her sister, they boiled a few dozens of eggs and coloured them red. After that, the red eggs together with the "Ang Ku Kuih", which my dear wife had bought earlier in the wet market were offered to the Gods, my late mommy and my ancestors. :) So our praying ceremony began. After our was little Jasmine's THE moment!

War...why Ah Gong gives you Ang Pow ar?

My wife is very, very happy. :)

Do you know what day is today~Jasmine girl?

Jasmine's grandpa carried little Jasmine and slowly sat down on the floor. In front of her were five items. We carefully selected these 5 important items that we think will benefit little Jasmine in the future. Even though our little Jasmine is a girl, my wife and I decided not to have a comb as one of the items for we don't want her grow up being too obsessed with her look. So the 5 item are *drum roll* -book, pen, calculator, RM10 note and Optimus Prime. So which one did our little girl chose?

So which one do you WANT? :p

Honestly (like any other parents), I would want my little girl to choose either the book or the pen. Why? So that she will be very good in her studies of course. Unfortunately she decided to take the item that I least expected her to take. Without any hesitation nor pondering...little Jasmine straight away swerved to her left and grabbed hold of Optimus Prime! What? Why would she chose the item furthest away? A toy? So what would we make of this?

Are you sure you wanna take that...

...Optimus Prime?

So this is your destiny Jasmine girl? :p

Then again...this is just a ceremony right? So don't take it too seriously. Perhaps she will be a toy inventer? Haha :D I think little Jasmine chose Optimus Prime because she had never played with it before. let it be then. Last but not least, little Jasmine had to "mam mam" (eat) a special dish which signified her birthday. Wifey prepared the customary Mee Sua (Vermicelli) soup with shitake mushroom and eggs for little Jasmine. It symbolizes longevity and good health so that our little girl will grow up to be a healthy and filial daughter. :)

It's time to "mam mam" Mee Sua with shitake mushroom and eggs. :)
Mommy specially prepared this for you.

Ah Gong feeding his granddaughter. :)

Nice or not Jasmine girl? :)

Little Jasmines' grandpa fed her the traditional dish and voila~your status has been elevated Jasmine girl. Haha :D So you are a big girl now sweetie. My wife and I are very happy to see our precious little girl has turned one. I really wanna thank my wife for everything. My wife woke up early in the morning to prepare everything for our daughter's big day. See Jasmine girl? You must be obedient to your mommy all the time ok. :)

See how happy my wife is. :)

Mommy loves you a lot o Jasmine girl. Must always remember.

You are on year older now Jasmine girl. :D

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