Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Jordan Chose Money Over Books, Pen, Calculator & Optimus Prime?

Last Saturday we held little Jordan's very first birthday dinner together with his 2 grandfathers in the presence of our close relatives. Then the next day which was Sunday, all of us woke up really early to prepare for a very important ceremony. Do you know what ceremony was it? Little Jordan would have to make arguably his very first important decision in his life. Ha :D Sounds very, very serious right? Maybe...some people say what Jordan chooses would ultimately decide his destiny. *gasp* I kept on praying that Jordan would make the right pick.

Are you ready for your important day Jordan~boy?

My wife, her sister and I woke up early to prepare for a praying ceremony. I went out to grab the "Ang Ku Kuih" that we have ordered earlier while my wife and her sister were busy boiling eggs. Then they coloured those boiled eggs red. After taking the fruits, red eggs, and "Ang Ku Kuih" off I headed to my late grandparents' home in Tengkera to offer prayers to my ancestors, informing them little Jordan had turned one. When I reached home my wife had already prepared the special dish that Jordan would eat. :)

Little Jordan's Mee Sua Soup.

Guess what my wife had dished out for our Jordan boy? My wife cooked the customary Mee Sua (Vermicelli) Soup with shitake mushroom and egg for our beloved little Jordan. Why Mee Sua? Well it is because it signifies longevity. How about shitake mushrooms and egg? I have no idea at all...maybe for decoration purposes. My father-in-law was the one who fed little Jordan. Of course little Jordan couldn't eat the mee sua, shitake mushrooms nor the egg. So the food would only touch his lips for symbolic purposes. Ha :D

My father-in-law was about to feed Jordan boy. :)

Are you ready to be fed my grandpa?

First up: Mee Sua.

Then~shitake mushroom.

And finally egg. :)

After "eating" that important bowl of Mee Sua Soup, Jordan needed to make a very important decision. What he chooses would define his life and destiny....or so the old people said. Little Jordan was going to choose his career. Yep! It was the so-called Destiny Choosing Ceremony (I am not sure what it is called). My father carried little Jordan and let him had a look at the 6 different objects that he could choose from: 2 books, calculator, pen, Optimus Prime (toy) and an RM10 note. Obviously I wanted him to choose book so badly...but...but...well...can you guess what he picked the moment he was seated in the middle of those 6 objects?

My father hovering little Jordan on top of the 6 objects which he would choose.

So which one do you want Jordan~boy?

You have no idea at all? Take the book. :p

"I want to this this red red one."

Yes. Little Jordan grabbed the money. He chose the RM10 note.

Maybe Jordan boy will grow up to be a millionaire who is a philanthropist?

In the end, little Jordan chose the red coloured RM10 note. Out of the 6 objects, little Jordan chose MONEY which was on his right. Why didn't he pick up the calculator or pen which were just in front of him? Why didn't Optimus Prime transform? Why little Jordan ignored the 2 books which I wanted him to choose so badly? This is what I call....fate or rather...destiny. So money is what little Jordan wants. I hope that in the future he would be a brilliant man who can earn millions via multiple income streams. You will give daddy some of your money right Jordan boy?

Daddy just want you to be good and filial when you grow up. :)

P.S.:Yours truly me also happened to choose money when I turned one. :)

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