Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby Jasmine Bath Time

Our little Jasmine is growing up really fast. A few months ago, she has started to sit on her own with a bit of support from us. That was when she began to take her bath by sitting in her little bath tub. Just like her elder bro-Jordan boy, our Jasmine girl has also begun to love her bath time as she grows older. Now our Jasmine girl will get totally worked up at the sight of her bath tub. She knows it is time for her  to play with water. Perhaps all babies love their bath time?

Our Jasmine girl
 in her bath tub.

Before Jasmine girl gets into her bath tub, she will choose one of the soft toy to accompany her in her swimming adventure! She will usually choose the blue seahorse which her brother loves a lot. Other times, like in the photos, she chose to swim with the grey dolphin. Usually I am the one who will be bathing my Jordan boy every day. So far I have only bathed my baby Jasmine once or twice, as her mommy will be the one who bathes her.

Jasmine girl~

What are you doing sweetie?

Ok. Time's up Jasmine girl.

Mommy is giving Jasmine girl her bath.

Watch how happy our Jasmine girl is during her bath time. :)

See how much our baby Jasmine enjoyed her bath time right? Time flies~in no time our little ones will be taking their own bath. Moments like this are very precious. It goes to show the bonding between us-parents, with our little ones; In these photos, they show how much our little Jasmine enjoyed her bath time together with her dearest mommy. I am sure my wife will miss such moments, later when our children are all grown ups.

Mommy and daughter moment. :)

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