Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Jordan's Showering Bath Time

I believe all babies and toddlers love to play with water right? The same applies to our baby Jordan. He likes water a lot. He enjoy drinking water; He enjoys watching water dripping into a pail from the water filter; He enjoys his fingers being run through with water. But what he loves the most about water is being surrounded with it and playing "in" it. Yep! Little Jordan loves to take his bath. Every day the moment that little Jordan has always been anticipating is his Shower Time or Bath Time! Ha :D

They come from "under the sea". Ha :D

I still remembered when little Jordan was 2 weeks old, he screamed and cried when I tried to give him a bath. Nowadays the moment little Jordan sees his green bath tub, he will be "jumping up and down"...literally of course. Once his feet breaks the surface of the water, little Jordan will be so excited that he will be kicking around and both of his hands will be moving vigorously. Ha :D By the time he is submerged in the water, his hands are full with his toys already. Shower~time~

It's "pom pom" (aka bath/shower) time!

Daddy give you pom pom ok Jordan?

You like to bath or not?

Little Jordan excitedly splashed the water.

My beloved wife and her little darling Jordan. :)

Watch how much little Jordan loved his bath time.

Do you feel like taking a bath after watching how much little Jordan enjoyed his bath? These photos are taken  this morning while he was enjoying his usual bath. Hehe :D He loves to play with his 5 "under-the-sea" fishy friends. Can you tell which is favourite one from the video? That's all from little Jordan. Hopefully you folks have a splashing good time taking your shower or bath too.

Ok. Time's up Jordan. Tomorrow we "pom pom" again ok. :)

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