Sunday, September 9, 2012

Upgraded To Microsoft Office 2010...Finally

FINALLY I had installed Microsoft Office 2010 into my laptop. OMG! What a huge relieve. Why did I say finally? Because some time ago yours, truly me, bought a not-so-original pirated version of Microsoft Office, hoping that I could install it into my laptop. To my horror (as expected), the the not-so-original Microsoft Office could not be installed. Why? Because my laptop is not of 64bit architecture blah~blah~blah. Then I thought about buying the genuine version of Microsoft then...I asked myself, "What if the original Office also insist that I install it on a 64bit machine?"

Yay! My borrowed Microsoft Office 2010. :)

After much deliberation...I decided not to risk my few hundred ringgit buying the original Microsoft Office. Currently I am still using the old Microsoft Office 2003 for 6 years already. How many of you are still using this decade-old Office? My wife suggested that we buy a new laptop to replace our 6 years old centrino-duo core processor laptop. I disagreed as it has been a very reliable servant or me. All I need is to upgrade my Microsoft Office to a newer version. Why do I want to upgrade my Office suite? 

Wow...genuine DVD is really different from "ciplak" one huh!

You see...I was worried that in the future, all the word files, powerpoints, excel sheets will no longer be supported. I blurted about this in front of one of my colleagues and voila he said he could give me one of his Microsoft Office 2010 license. He handed it to me last Friday and I installed my new Microsoft Office 2010 without any problem at all! Best of all this Microsoft Office 2010 suite is compatible with previous versions of Microsoft Office and that means I can convert all my documents (words, powerpoints, excels) created using Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2010! And surprisingly the new Microsoft Office is 2010 is speedier and more fluid. How cool is that?

P.S.: I wanna thank that friend of mine for being so generous and helpful. I owe you one! :)

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