Saturday, September 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 [PREVIEW + VIDEO]

I can't believe that Samsung Galaxy S3 has been dethroned by Samsung Galaxy Note 2! Previously I had crowned Samsung Galaxy S3 as the undisputed Android Superphone. I even went a notch further by claiming that Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most amazing iPhone yet (it's an insult to the fruity tyrant)...however it seems that Galaxy Note 2 will now be destined Android Smartphone King for 2012...that is, if you it as  a smartphone. Ha :D

Galaxy Note 2-The new Android Superphone

Last year, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Note which made its mark by blurring the boundaries between a smartphone and a tablet. This time, Samsung has made it even harder for us to tell if their Galaxy Note 2 is still a smartphone. What not? With a wonderfully vivid, crisp 5.5inch Super AMOLED HD screen and muscular innards, it is very obvious that Galaxy Note 2 has the raw power to bulldoze anything on its path. Throw in the improved S Pen and, voila you have yourself a Superphone that S3 even has to bow to!

Simple yet elegant.

Despite the humongous screen, Samsung has crafted Galaxy Note 2 perfectly with the power key and the home button being housed at reached spots. Now let us dissect this enormous note and see what is being "written" inside of it, shall we? Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is powered by 1.6 quad-core Exynos processor with a whopping 2GB of RAM. There's a lot muscles huh! Galaxy Note 2 is so fast that it makes Galaxy S3 looks a bit lousy.

All the magic can be weaved just by waving the S Pen.

Despite cranking up the processor and doubling the RAM...and ouh...not forgetting the 5.5inch screen, Galaxy Note 2 is still ridiculously thin at 9.4mm! The only problem is that the screen is really too big for a normal guy like me. So now I have to bring along a handbag to place this gargantuan smartphone of mine? LOL :D However it is important to note that the 5.5 Super AMOLED HD screen on Galaxy Note 2 is perfect for viewing movies. Besides the huge viewing "estate" will serve you well if you are to use it for navigational purposes-GPS.

Preview a photo album to see what photos are inside of it (with Air View).

Another ""EXTRA" that Galaxy Note 2 has is the implementation of Android 4.1 Jellybean. Meaning that you don't have to wait for the tedious upgrade. Hence by buying a Galaxy Note 2, you can be assured of being future-proof for a while. :) So far there is not much information that we can get about the new Galaxy Note 2. However the following 13-minute official [Galaxy Note II]-First Hands-on Video will show you how awesome Galaxy Note 2 will be once it is unleashed!

3 Features That I Love The Most About Galaxy Note 2
  1. Air View: This uber awesome feature allows you to preview anything just by hovering the S Pen! Meaning that without opening a file or document, you can preview your documents, calender entries, photos in album and even videos! Yes. Air View even allows you to see the preview of a video. COOL!
  2. Quick Command: Imagine you can wave the S Pen like a wizard wand and voila, a magic is performed! Quick Command are actually customisable S-Pen gestures that make accessing your frequently used apps and features quicker and easier. So just wave your S Pen, and your commands will be fulfilled.
  3. Handwriting Input in Calender: Yes. So now you can use the enhanced S Pen more extensively to write down important events, meeting, anniversary, birthdays etc...just by WRITING! I am so swooned by this feature. :)
There are so many awesome features being shared in this video. I am totally blown away by almost everything that Galaxy Note 2 is capable of (as shown in the video). It is obvious that you can do so darn many things with the S Pen! OMG! I can't help but feel like owning one Galaxy Note 2! SERIOUSLY I am thinking about owning one of these highly productive (just like me) smartphone.  It'll arrive in Malaysia somewhere in November with a price tag of RM2,100. So anyone wants to sponsor me? LOL :D So what do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Can you be mine?