Friday, September 7, 2012

Jasmine's First Stroll In Taiping [PICS]

It's good for kids and babies to be seeing GREEN right? They say this eco-friendly colour will sharpen our eyesight, making our vision clearer. That's why we brought Jasmine out for a stroll when we were in Taiping. It's always good to be loitering around in Taiping-The City of Rain. Almost every corner of this nostalgic city is filled with lush greenery. Not to mention the beautiful mountains and the graceful clouds dancing on them. :) Every gush of the fresh Taiping air that I breathe in invigorates my lungs and enlivens my whole body.

Let's go hiking!

Where are we going Jasmine girl?

I believe my 2 little babies especially Jasmine enjoyed her stroll in Taiping a lot. After all, this was her very first "open" stroll in Taiping. That afternoon, we didn't bring Jasmine to the famous Taiping Lake Garden  that Jordan used to stroll because it was too hot. We went to a hill instead. My wife said it is known as Er Huang Shan. It is a stone's throw away from Taiping Lake Garden. The moment we stepped out from the car, we could feel the luscious negative ions that rode on the breezy wind grazing against our faces. Goodness! How come I don't get this kind of feeling in Malacca?

Let's go up!

Look at the shade. :)

It's one memorable family stroll. :)

As we were scaling up the little hill, the trees were moving, welcoming us and the leaves were dancing to the tunes of their chirpy buddies. We felt so comfortable walking up the hill as the green leaves converged together to shield us away from Mr. Sun. The huge shade makes strolling enjoyable, not to mention very calming. Little Jasmine was all smiles as she rode her buggy up the hill; her brother-Jordan boy, was happily being her sister's chauffeur.

Look at the lush greenery.

Look at my little Jasmine!

She is smiling. :D

One for the memory. :)

Our family stroll. :)

I am happy that I can bring my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl back to my wife's hometown from time to time. It is a blessing for them to enjoy such lush greenery. I feel it is only right for our little ones to touch the green leaves, peeking at what Mr. Caterpillar is doing; Looking at the whistling birds perching on the trees, listening to their velvet voice; Admiring the rustling leaves that danced with the wind. I want my little ones to be close to mother nature. I want them to know what the real world is like. :)

Do you enjoy your first stroll in Taiping or not~Ah Min?

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