Thursday, August 30, 2012

Posing With Purple Shades [PICS]

Shades are important to shield our eyes from the harmful UV rays. Sometimes we put on shades just for the sake of looking good, because it can be used as a fashion statement right? So the other day my wife and I decided to pair our daughter up with some shades. I thought our Jasmine girl looked very chic with her mother's purplish shades. It made her look like a "grown up". Now she can be a fashionista too. Haha :D

Daddy wants me to put this on?

OK. Here goes nothing! Hiyeak!

So how do I look now?

Am I cute?

Daddy thinks you are really adorable. :D

Hopefully, when my Jasmine girl grows up...she will be putting on shades for the sake of protection instead of ONLY for fashion purposes. Haha :D Daddy wants my girl to be an unassuming lass and not a primma donna with big ego. Then again shades don't really give other people bad impression of you right? So it's all down to what you are behind those shades...underneath your skin. Wait...a minute...I thought this post is supposed to be about fun?

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